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does anyone know how to put ringlets in,in an hour on the move

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lieman Thu 25-Mar-04 21:26:21

daughter needs ringlets for dance festival. her hair must be in a bun an hour before. help

Hulababy Thu 25-Mar-04 21:27:35

I think hair needs to have been put in rags night before?

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 21:29:27

Could you do it with curling tongs? There must be a "modern" way to do it, surely, although I was going to say rags too

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:32:20

theres a spiral tong thing u can get which does ringlets. lets see if we can find it.

dd2 has natural ringlets and they drive me mad!!

Eowyn Thu 25-Mar-04 21:33:39

guess if you wound damp hair tightly round rags then dried it it would work.

lieman Thu 25-Mar-04 21:34:59

do the spiral tongs work and can you get a gas version

nutcracker Thu 25-Mar-04 21:35:15

My mom used to do mine in rags too. Curling tongs should work too though.

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 21:37:10

Heated rollers? You need small rollers apparently. Do a google search on "how to" ringlets and see what you come up with. One had great instructions but involved curling the hair the night before.

Hulababy Thu 25-Mar-04 21:38:09

This is aimed for adult styles but comments and advice is still applicable.

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:39:31

\will these work$cip=12835>C$cip=12839>C$cip=12841&categoryId=12841\marykate and ashley{}

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:40:40

link$cip=12835>C$cip=12839>C$cip=12841&categoryId=12841\marykate and ashley{}

collision Thu 25-Mar-04 21:41:02

What about a false hairpiece of ringlets stuck onto the bun???? Claires Acc do things like this. Honestly, the things schools make you do!!

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:41:27

arrgh give up

Hulababy Thu 25-Mar-04 21:43:25

marykate and ashley

Is that okay misdee

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:45:08

thank you. heh.

popsycal Fri 26-Mar-04 09:00:37

oh we used to do dance i know about this very well indeed!!!!
what we used to do is this:
put the rags in the night before (I take it you know how to do it...) then when putting the bun in just get the hair net and stuff the hair in....spray the ringlets with loads of spray first though....dont twist the hair to put it in the bun - just kind of let it fall into the hair net

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