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Lets get Nutty a house (part 3) I should of known this would happen

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nutcracker Thu 25-Mar-04 21:18:42

I've had a dreadful day today.
I phoned the H/A to check on things and was told thet the empty 4 bed still isn't classed as empty yet BUT when it is i won't get it because i am no longer top of the list .
Have to say, i was gobsmacked and asked the gril to repeat it several times. I then asked to speak to someone above her.
The other woman i spoke to said that they aren't allowed to tell me my position on the list. I explained that i had been told twice. First when i was top and now. She said that they shouldn't of told me and that she was not going to confirm or deny it, but then said i'mnear the top.
NEAR isn't top though

So thats it, done finished with, no house, no chance of one for god knows how long. I've finally come to the end. I can't get the council to rehouse me either and i can't be nominated either.
I am still slightly reeling from the realisation that the past two years i've spent ringing people, writing to people, moaning and crying has all been for nothing.
I really don't know what i'm supposed to do now. I really can not cope with 3 kids in a flat for the 6 weeks hols again, it will tip me over the edge.
As for me helping them to get my neighbour evicted, by giving eveidence and putting myself and my kids at risk, well they can P**S OFF

GeorginaA Thu 25-Mar-04 21:19:56

oh nutty I don't know what to say. No helpful advice I'm afraid, just *hugs* I'm thinking of you.

stupidgirl Thu 25-Mar-04 21:22:40

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. I know how much you needed this, and I will wrack my brains to see what I can come up with. You mustn't give up. It's only all for nothing if you give up.

mummytojames Thu 25-Mar-04 21:23:15

nutty im so sorry to here that i cant think of anything to sugest that may help as im in the same sort of position but only one child and stuck in a flat all i can realy do is send you A GREAT BIG HUG and tell you that im thinking of you

twiglett Thu 25-Mar-04 21:23:58

message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 25-Mar-04 21:30:36

Thanks guys. I really shouldn't have got out of bed today.
Our holiday was cancelled because the cheque bounced and my brother called me to tell me he got his girlfriend pregnant, but they split up 2 weeks ago , and dp's son doesn't know where the girl is who is supposidly having his baby next week.

JanHR Thu 25-Mar-04 21:33:32

Nutty, I am so sorry to hear that the house has fallen through.
Give me a call if yuo want to talk about it.

nutcracker Thu 25-Mar-04 21:33:38

Twigltt - I'm not sure really. It's like trying to get blood out of a stone getiing any proper info out of them and when you do, by the time you ring again it's all changed.

What am i supposed to tell my kids. They knew the house was empty (i didn't tell, they could see), and as far as they knew, we were next in the queue. They will be so dissapointed, and probably think it's my fault. They are so sick of me saying "yes, when we get a garden, you can have a bike/swing/paddling pool/fresh air .

hercules Thu 25-Mar-04 21:34:32

So sorry. Remember we are all here.

charliecat Thu 25-Mar-04 21:39:39

Nutcracker why cant the council rehouse you and why cant you be nominated, direct me to a thread if needbe for you

CountessDracula Thu 25-Mar-04 21:39:48

Oh Nutty, no So sorry love xxxx

nutcracker Thu 25-Mar-04 22:11:06

CC - The council have given me medical priority with 1000 points but there are loads of people in front of me including people who's homes are being knocked down (they get 2000 points).
The H/A have said that if i want to be nominated to another H/A then i have to ring the one i want, ask then if they have any empty 3 bed houses in the area i want and then ask them if my H/A can nominate me to have it.
That is just never going to happen. No H/A will a) admitt to having an emoty house & b) they will give it to someone already on their list.

That leaves me with no choices left. I can't apply directly to other H/A myself because i'm already a H/A tennant, my own H/A won't rehouse me (i shan;t say can't, cos it's not true), and the council don't want to know.
I didn't even get offered that delapitaded maisonette over the shops, with no heating and broken windows.

I just don't know what to do next.

It will break my heart if we have to move away from here, but to rent privatly will cost at least 500 a month, which we can't afford and it wouldn't be permenant.

Paula71 Thu 25-Mar-04 22:28:34

Right there with you Nutty!

Our HA is similarly full of eejits who can't do the job they are well-paid to do! They won't build us a fence between the house despite problems with dog poo, riotous children etc!

About time someone was brought in to check up on these HA's as they are not doing what they were meant to.

charliecat Thu 25-Mar-04 22:36:55

Ouch. nightmare. My friend in Birmingham got rehoused from a crappy flat with 2 beds to a crappy maisonette with 3 beds and to get the house and garden she wanted she downgraded back to 2 beds and lives happily ever miracles do happen, just keep your face right up there and keep nagging Some folks might not want a house because they dont want to move thier kids out of school or have no transport to get to work or whatever and SURELY at somepoint you will be offered something. I am a h/a tenant with a quarter of the points you need to even be offered a sniff of a something and I got offered a beautiful house in the country, but because it was so in the country it would have been a death walk getting the kids to school and there were no places at the school anyway so I had to say No Thanks. Others must have also, which is why I ended up being offered it and you must keep your fingers crossed it will happen for youxx

tigermoth Thu 25-Mar-04 23:26:22

I'm really, really sorry nutty. All I can say is keep trying and never believe anything you hear, and that includes a 'no'.

Just looking at your last sentence -
"As for me helping them to get my neighbour tevicted, by giving eveidence and putting myself and my kids at risk, well they can P**S OFF"

I take it your council do not have an anti-social behaviour team? our council has one, and they employ people who act as independent witnesses, so the victims never have to openly declare who they are, even if the case comes to court. So the personal risk is reduced.
The victim of any ASB, including noise disturbance, tips off the independnet witness about the usual time and place of the problem behaviour. The witness arrives, waits if necessary, then takes note when the problem begins. Would an independent witness system work for you? Can you ask the HA if they can provide one? sorry, I haven't read all your messages so don't know if this has been covered.

emmatmg Fri 26-Mar-04 07:36:17

Nutty, do you have any written proof that you were top of the list? I'm sure you would have told them this if you did but after all the sh*t they've put you through what about Watchdog ir similar? might be abit extreme but if they've told you one thing and done completely the opposite surely they're breaking some laws/rules.

Hope it works out for you soon.

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 08:10:24

I'm just off out so i will reply better later

Tigermoth - The environmental health are involved abd are going to fit monitering equipment in my flat. If it only picks up shouting, banmging and screaming then they will not take it any further .

Charliecat - Where abouts in Brum does your friend live ???? Only ask because the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine, 2 bed crappy flat, then 3 bed crappy maisnoette and now she is very happy in 2 bed house.

I think it wouldn't be so bad if i had been offfered something in the 2 yrs i've been waiting, even if i'd had to turn it down, but i have not one offer yet.

fio2 Fri 26-Mar-04 08:26:39

nutty have you not been offered any houses by me? It is nice here, not far from brum - less than an hour by train (which is a reg service) and I thought you said there were some houses available?

Inam sorry things arent working out for you there, it must be so frustarting for you

ks Fri 26-Mar-04 09:02:41

Message withdrawn

charliecat Fri 26-Mar-04 10:16:51

NC, Kings Norton from Kings Heath

charliecat Fri 26-Mar-04 10:20:46

Er, if it only picks up banging screaming etc...why wont they take it any further????? That not what you should have to listen to day in day out. My h/a came round to see my neighbours as they moved in and for a month they played banging rave music 24/7. I dont know what the h/a said but they have never been as loud since. It only went on for a month but i was prepared to move 4 houses along to exactly the same house just to get away!!!!
What do they need to hear to act?

Pennypocket Fri 26-Mar-04 11:26:00


Not sure if this is true but I have heard a few of the soon to be built houses on Pype Hayes are being allocated as Council Houses. Would you consider this if it means a longer wait?


nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 13:51:37

Charliecat - My friend moved from Kings Heath to Kings Norton too Kings Heath, or was it the other way around.
My friend is is about 25 with two dd's and works at a nursery. Would be weird if it was the same person.

Fio2 - We haven't yet applyed for anywhere else, as we werte hoping that we wouldn't need to. I've forgot where abouts you are now. Was it derby ???

Pennypocket - Not sure if i'd want pype hayes, i sound snobby and ungrateful i know, but i'm just not keen on i there.
I do know someone who is trying to get rehoused there though so i'll let them know.

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 13:52:55

Sorry CC just re-read that and it didn't make sense did it.
My friend did move from kings heath to kings norton.

fio2 Fri 26-Mar-04 14:06:07

i am in staffs

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