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Football for girls

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Crapfather Sat 02-Sep-06 22:02:02

My eight year old daughter has just started playing football. Anybody got any tips for an enthusiastic dad on how to help her enjoy the game?

fattiemumma Sat 02-Sep-06 22:04:47

just play withher in the garden the same as he would a boy.

the rules of football are the same for girls as it is boys and if she enjoys the game the encourage her the way he would a boy.

and get her an Aresnal Kit...we are by far the best womesn team!

fattiemumma Sat 02-Sep-06 22:05:29

oops just spotted your name!

i just assumed you were a mum sorry

Amanda1 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:43:14

Message withdrawn

footballerk Fri 22-Mar-19 11:57:21

I love playing and watching football since it's the most energetic and enthusiastic game ever in the history of games. I personally use to watch live football matches and cricket matches too.

LOHI369 Fri 27-Sep-19 15:38:47

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