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Is there anything I can stick in my wheelie bin to kill the maggots in there?

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schnapps Sat 02-Sep-06 19:39:16

YUK! Just went to out something in my bin and found loads of maggots in there! I nearly thew up, really don't hink I can deal with it my emptying it etc. Is there anything I can just chuck in to kill them off?

suejoneziscalmernow Sat 02-Sep-06 19:42:59

tis the season for it apparently. Boling water works I think, with a touch of bleach.

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 19:44:18

Wait until the bin men have been.

Have loads of boiling water at the ready, and then throw in a load of Jeyes fluid.

Tip it away after 30 minutes or so.

Pour enough neat Jeyes fluid in to cover the bottom of the bin.


bananaloaf Sat 02-Sep-06 19:44:31

cos our council has gone down to fortnightly ick ups i got one of the garden cones for food waste and that helps

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 19:45:08

Oh and buy a cheap kitchen spray with bleach in it, and spray the kitchen bin every time you put food in it.

suejoneziscalmernow Sat 02-Sep-06 19:45:58

my council does food waste pick-ups in separate bins - but only collects them once a fortnight! Can you imagine leaving food rotting for a fortnight outside your house. I'm a good girl though - still do it.

littlerach Sat 02-Sep-06 19:50:09

Hot salt water, according to our council.

schnapps Sat 02-Sep-06 19:56:02

Thanks for replies. Will the bin men collect if there are maggots in the bin though? Suggestions all good for next time, but what about while the rubbish is still in there? The thought of emptying it to clean the bin makes me heave!

lou33 Sat 02-Sep-06 19:57:35

my council has gone fortnightly too, its a nightmare, i get a young man to come and sort the maggots for me as i am phobic of them

SherlockLGJ Sat 02-Sep-06 19:57:49

Yes they will.

Wait until it has been emptied.

MrsFio Sat 02-Sep-06 19:59:18

jeyes fluid will kill anything! we are fortnightly too

but if you keep the bin lid down and then spray in fly spray it kill them anyway

fussymummy Sat 02-Sep-06 21:24:17

We have the fortnightly collection as well,we found that by wrapping food waste in lots of newspaper really helps.

Also put newspaper in the bin as thes absorbs any liquid that seeps out.

Especially good in the winter, when the bins were freezing up and the food was frozen to the bottom.

schnapps Sat 02-Sep-06 22:00:34

Thanks for the tips )

Greensleeves Sat 02-Sep-06 22:09:50

It must be horrible for the bin men

We have had this problem lately too - I only found out as I went to the wheely bin and opened it to find about 200 dead ones in it. I have a MAJOR, DEBILITATING phobia - a really serious phobia of them. I vomited and cried, then vomited again, and have not been near the bin since. It turns out poor dh has been "managing" the problem for weeks without telling me, going out before I got up to spray the edges of the bin with fly spray because they were trying to crawl out <<shudder>>

I think it's horrific and unacceptable - WHY can't we have bins collected weekly instead? We recycle as much as we can. It's horrible. I won't walk past our bins now if I can help it.

dmo Sat 02-Sep-06 23:14:00

wait till bin men have been and stick a power washer in it that should get the little buggers out
dirty dirty things and what do they turn into flys! wonderful should all be killed at birth

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:33:03

I cannot understand the minds of the management who decide that a fortnightly bin collect is ok. WTF are they thinking??? Those of us with these stupid bloody fortnightly collections should ALL write letters the the appropriate managers in the waste departmeents of the councils. If we dont get our weekly collections re-instated, then we take our bags of F**ing maggots round to their offices and chuck them in!!!

Well that's my opinion anyhow.

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:34:38

And... while I'm in rant mode... if they want to collect the bins only half the times they should, they can damn-well have only half the council tax off me

fussymummy Sun 03-Sep-06 00:38:44

Where we live we have fortnightly wheely bin
One week the green bin, next week the black/grey bin.
We also have 2 paper bins and in some areas near us they've started to introduce one for plastic and tins.
We'll get these soon.
How many bins can they expect us to have sitting outside our houses????

On top of this my partner also has to make regular trips to the local waste disposal site to get rid of the excess waste that we couldn't fit in the bins.

We don't want black sacks outside the house as well!!!!!

Sorry everyone, but i feel better for that!!!

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:49:49

rant away fussymum. I reckon this is how revolutions start!!! And they bloody well deserve it.

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:50:24

Tis the thin end of the wedge. Remember, Hitler only got voted in coz he made the trains run on time!

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 00:51:21

Oh dear. I know i've had too much vodka when I get all strident.

hub2dee Sun 03-Sep-06 03:09:26

Greeny - we had a flyer through the door from a firm / blokey who cleans your bin every x weeks for y pounds and they power wash / sterilise / bleach (whatever). Maybe someone in your neck of the woods does this ? Might help your situation.

I do ours with the power washer. It is not my favourite job.

Radley Sun 03-Sep-06 13:19:47

We have our bins done once a month in winter and every week in summer, it costs 3.00 a pop and I prefer the smell of bleach etc to the smell of rotting food, cat litter any day.

Twinkie1 Sun 03-Sep-06 13:23:38

I get mine disinfected by a sweet old guy who comes every week after the bin has been emptied - and just for luck and because I am anal I put a layer of jeyes fluid in the bottom after he has cleaned it out.

Have a look in your Yellow Pages - you may be able to find something like it - I pay £2 a week so not a huge amount not to have to deal with the vile little critters!!

themoon66 Sun 03-Sep-06 13:42:31

Now you see.... am really tempted to go all ranty again, even though I'm stone cold sober. Why SHOULD we have to pay to get bins de-maggotted when they are only in such a bad way coz the council are not doing the job we are paying them to do in the first place?? If we have to pay 3 quid to get the bin cleaned, then we should get 3 quid off the damn council tax bill. Grrrrr

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