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Farewell Croydon; Ikea, how will I survive without you!

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jodee Thu 25-Mar-04 13:18:26

Please indulge me ... just wanted to say a 'goodbye' to anyone I've met at Croydon/London/Brighton meet-ups over the last 3 years; I'm a bornand bred Croydon gal, but on Saturday I'm off to the Dorset seaside after 37 (shhhh!!) years of having moved no further than two streets from my childhood home.

Left my job yesterday and battled home on a packed train with 2 huge bunches of flowers (they *KNOW* that I'm moving on Saturday, I'm hardly going to be able to take them with me and I've packed all my vases!)

And once I'm in Dorset there will be no Ikea for 100 miles in either direction!!!

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 13:21:55

Awww jodee, hope it all goes well and you have a lovely life in Dorset

Marina Thu 25-Mar-04 13:34:00

Jodee, but they do still have Broadband at the seaside, don't they?
Have a safe and easy move, good luck with the job-hunting and everything else Take care.

Coddy Thu 25-Mar-04 13:35:20

where a rea you going to?
come and meet us in slaisbury

the good thing about being so far away is that your Ikea stuff is unique and noone knows what it is!

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 13:43:49

No Ikea??? Eeek! How can you leave lovely, beautiful, idyllic Croydon??

tigermoth Fri 26-Mar-04 07:17:26

jodee, good luck! what a great time of year to be moving to the seaside, just in time for the summer. I am very envious. Ikea might be a distant memory but will you really care as you stroll along the beach after work on a warm summer's evening?

And at least you can take mumsnet with you - hope your not offline for too long during your move.

I'm a frequent visitor to Devon and we hope to move down there in the next few years, so who knows, I'll be seeing you again at a future west country meet up.

Fisil Fri 26-Mar-04 07:28:32

Have a great time - sounds scary!

When I saw the title to this thread I thought the Croydon Ikea was shutting down - and was frightened!

bunny2 Fri 26-Mar-04 08:20:09

Jodee, we can drive to the Bristol one. It's a bit of a hike but worth it Im sure

See you very soon.

jodee Mon 05-Apr-04 20:54:05

Thanks everyone - arrived safe and sound, acclimatising to the sea air (keep falling asleep!).

Looking forward to some West Country meet ups, so hope to see you sometime soon, Coddy/Tigermoth! (and see you shortly, Bunny )

CODalmighty Mon 05-Apr-04 20:54:37

where ar eoyu?

jodee Mon 05-Apr-04 20:57:35

Ahhhh, didn't I say? Bournemouth...

CODalmighty Mon 05-Apr-04 20:59:54


CODalmighty Mon 05-Apr-04 21:01:26

westbourne or somewhere posh?

Kittypickle Mon 05-Apr-04 21:06:43

Ikea ? I remember it vaguely.... Welcome to Dorset, definitely the right time of year to move here, hope you enjoy it. (I've heard rumours that they are building an Ikea in Southampton but don't hold your breath!)

dottyparker Mon 05-Apr-04 21:14:04

Try well made furniture?

bunny2 Tue 06-Apr-04 20:38:29

KP, really??????

Coddy, I am in Pokesdown, the arse end of town as dh affectionately calls it. Jodee is a bit posher in Tuckton.

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 18:26:24

Yes i have heard that runour too..its taking a while...
we go to bournemouth int he summer a LOT

jodee Wed 07-Apr-04 19:03:34

Bunny! Don't know about posh, more like geriatric; the times I've had to jump out of the way to avoid my toes being run over by a motorised scooter!

KP, where are you? Fingers crossed then for a S'ton Ikea - what's a similar alternative in Dorset (or isn't there one ?)

See you on the beach sometime, then, Cods!

Kittypickle Wed 07-Apr-04 19:10:54

I don't know Bournemouth very well, could do with some suggestions for the summer for stuff to do with children and somewhere to take DH for his b'day in a few weeks, any ideas gratefully received !

Kittypickle Wed 07-Apr-04 19:13:46

Jodee, I'm just by Wimborne, not far from Moors Valley.

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 19:14:07

jealous grrrrrrrrrrr

bunny2 Wed 07-Apr-04 20:33:45

Lol Jodee, yes, the granny bikes are a nuisance! And DONT go to the postoffice on pension day as I did this week. Big mistake!

Coddy, we could meet on the beach, you can flaunt your new slim figure but I aint revealing any flesh this year at all!

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 20:46:39

stomach still alittle ripply for my taste

but yes!

bunny2 Wed 07-Apr-04 20:54:25

better wear a one-piece then!

CountessDracula Wed 07-Apr-04 20:57:10

i find myself in concurrance with dottyparker on this one.

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