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help my car has been clamped!!

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misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 12:58:44

my musty old metro which doesnt go is currently sitting in a parking bay outside my house. i have sent the tax back and declared it as SORN, but have just noticed it has been clamped and have been issued a fine. can i do anythinhg?

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 12:59:21

oh no

hercules Thu 25-Mar-04 13:14:12

Is it your own land? If it is a public bay then no, cars on the road, whether you intend to drive them or not must be taxed. SORN only counts on private property.

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 13:36:30

actually they have done me a favour. i was looking into scrapping the car anyway which would have cost me £35 for the council to remove it. the DVLA will be towing the car tomorrow, as i was looking at scrapping it anyway they will do this for free and i wont have anything to pay except possibly one months tax. lets hope the lady at the end of the phone is right.

Kayleigh Thu 25-Mar-04 13:39:11

in which case - congratulations

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 13:42:23

I'm surprised - I thought they charged you for the towing/destruction *and* fined you for having an untaxed vehicle on the road.

Hope the lady's right though!

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 17:58:31

i thought that i'd have to pay at least the £80 fine. but they said they will destroy the vechile, send me the forms, fill them in, might get a small fine for the months unpaid tax (bout £10) but shouldnt get fined a great deal. i'm still hoping she is right tho on the fone. just been out there removing the stereo, which is actually worth more than the car lol.

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 18:02:48

I thought that about my car and its stereo Eventually sold the car for £130 on Ebay though!

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 18:08:55

this one doesnt go, if it does go it goes about 20miles an hour. its actually still MOTed till next month but has been 'dead' since dec. which is when i got my other car, which is bigger and def needs a decent stereo, which was about £350, think i'd only get £50 for the car.

SoupDragon Thu 25-Mar-04 20:54:42

Mine didn't go, had no MOT, no tax and hadn't been out of the garage for at least 3 years but it was in good condition for a 1979 Mk2 Escort. I loved that car - sigh. I've come over all nostalgic...

Metrobaby Thu 25-Mar-04 21:09:26

I find it all very sad - I love metros. My first car was a metro - the most unrealiable car I have ever had, but I loved it

misdee Thu 25-Mar-04 21:22:51

it was a nice little car. the plan was to get it going and have it as my car (even tho the other car is mine) for just nipping about town in) but if i had to pay all the fee's from this it would use m,y holiday savings and no cash to get it going. its a G reg.

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