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if the ex-president of Nigeria....

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suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 14:48:19

..happens to contact you by email

i was privilege to capture your name from the internet. My name Atiku Abubakar, vice president of Nigeria. I need a foreign patner that can or would be able to support me to claim an huge amount of money sixty millon, eight hundred dollars ($60.8000.000) which i had kept because of the election that was held last two year october2002, My thinking was that we were not going to win the last year election and i taught that was my last chance to do what i think could sustain me for some period of time. But to my greatest surprise we won the election and all i had to do was to keep the money at the Central Bank Of Nigeria on the 20th of october 2002.

He asked ME first

popsycal Wed 24-Mar-04 14:49:55


Twinkie Wed 24-Mar-04 14:55:34

Ooooo me thinks this is a huge con - is he a personal friend of yours??

hmb Wed 24-Mar-04 14:56:30

Who was it that posted the ' show us your boobs' version of this??? that was inspired and made me laugh *so* much

katierocket Wed 24-Mar-04 14:56:33

this is a really old scam. has been on watchdog etc

bin it.

beansprout Wed 24-Mar-04 14:57:17

This man is SO betting that for starters, most people wouldn't be able to name the Vice-President of Nigeria....!

kiwisbird Wed 24-Mar-04 14:57:29

Very common con, we have both had emails there is a home office link somewhere to report them if you can be bothered! It has been on watchdog and other programmes like that and on the news etc
J xx

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 15:14:39

We get these all the time. Theres a couple of websites dedicated to them, which are quite funny.

Twinkie Wed 24-Mar-04 15:16:48

God I never get anything like this!!

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 15:19:14

Well He has chosen me to help him recover the money and I get 5% apparently. He hasn't said who's going to be looking after the kids while I do it or how I will recognise him without his ex-presidential regalia

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 15:35:15

Have a looksie here Suzy

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 15:44:43

presumably the scammers must be successful on some level or they wouldn't go to such lengths

katierocket Wed 24-Mar-04 15:45:56

sadly I think there are still a lot of naive people out there.

kiwisbird Wed 24-Mar-04 15:46:38

I guess you only need one or two to make it worthwhile
Funny thing about the one we got was that the name in our email address was oddly - due to dh taking pi** one day chosing our email addy
Our email came addressed to Mrs Madonna Sbosom

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 15:51:11


OldieMum Wed 24-Mar-04 16:27:53

I get dozens of these, because I do research on Africa and must be on a list somewhere. They are sent out to thousands of addresses, in the hope that someone, somewhere will be daft enough to be taken in. On no account reply, even to say b****r off, as this confirms to them that they have reached a real person and you will get lots more messages.

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