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Paedophile programme last night BBC2 9pm

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johnnydeppsmistress Wed 24-Mar-04 13:11:52

Did anyone see the programme about paedophiles last night on BBC2? I switched over briefly from Brat Camp, saw about 2 minutes and that was more than enough. How can men do such things to kids and how do young kids end up in the company of these men (if they are not their parents)? It horrifies me that it is so common. Whenever I see or hear about child sex abuse I feel physically sick. I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts. What can we do to prevent these things from happening - I think it should be the law to castrate these men then lock them all up and leave them to rot. OK, extreme, I know and it's never going to happen but prison doesn't help.

Momp Wed 24-Mar-04 14:04:53

Did see the documentary and was speechless at some of the explanations of the photographs (thank God we didn't see them).

These people do not deserve to live.

After the programme had ended, I went straight into my babies' rooms for a goodnight kiss and a cuddle.

(Why do I feel like a criminal now for writing that?)

suzywong Wed 24-Mar-04 14:26:33

I could not watch it.
I never know why there aren't more vigilante attacks on these men,
If anyone came close to doing anything like that to anyone of my family I would track them down and squeeze the life out of them with my bare hands.
Sorry to be extreme but that is the way I feel

Twinkie Wed 24-Mar-04 14:34:01

The people behind it were on Ricahrd and Judy yesterday and they said that these people cannot be educated to think differently - apparently there was a group years ago who tried to say that what they were doing was ok it was only peoples percetion of what they were doing that was wrong - barmy!!

The policeman on there agreed that loking them away was the only way to keep children safe but said there were not enough prisons - I tell you I would be happy to give £100 towards a new prison being built and I am sure if everyone gave a donation we would have millions to build and run a new prison - I would treat them like tha animals that they are too!!

oliveoil Wed 24-Mar-04 14:37:57

How do the police do their job? I couldn't see what they must see and sleep at night, bet most have families too. I would not be able to interview these people, instinct would want to punch them. Didn't watch this programme, read the previews and decided I wouldn't be able to stomach it.

handlemecarefully Wed 24-Mar-04 14:39:08

Didn't watch it - sometimes I can't handle reality

Coddy Wed 24-Mar-04 14:39:53

sorry to be flip but in the photo in the Times ths bloke in it looked like Peter kay

donnie Wed 24-Mar-04 14:41:18

I also avoided it like the plague for exactly the same reasons - too revolting. I don't generally believe in the death penalty but sometimes.....I would kill anyone who abused dd and quite contentedly serve a prison sentence for it.Why can't there be tougher sentences and more internet curbs?

bundle Wed 24-Mar-04 14:53:24

I thought it was disturbing yes, but definitely worth telling people about the work that the police do on our behalf to try & stop these people from perpetuating child abuse. one of those featured in the programme was a primary school teacher, and getting him out of reach of children didn't come a moment too soon. don't blame anyone for not watching it though & I only channel hopped for a bit.

lavender1 Wed 24-Mar-04 15:08:20

never ever watch or read about this sort of thing, as makes me feel physically sick>

ks Wed 24-Mar-04 15:23:55

Message withdrawn

kiwisbird Wed 24-Mar-04 15:28:45

I cried, shook and cried again. Just makes me more determined to protect my kids the hardest I can.
What must it do to those police that spend all day everyday looking at those images.
My DH is a software engineer/writer he was asked last year (as were lots of his types) if anyone could do do face and flesh/positional recognition software to help the police speed up the process of searches and to not to subject so many officers to the images.
Dh said he is getting paranoid about bathing and changing our daughter as well.
FFS why is it making innocent Dads feel so guilty and worried when it's sick people, I just do not know how you can stop these people - aside from giving vulnerbale kids better protection.
I despair

bunny2 Wed 24-Mar-04 20:24:55

The last time I watched a programme about paedophiles, I couldnt sleep for days. I just couldnt shake the images out of my head so I chose not to watch last nights programme. I'd happily chop the balls off any one of these b*stards, it's the only way to stop them.

bluestar Wed 24-Mar-04 20:26:44

I didn't watch the programme, however, dh saw an article today of a convicted paedophile that taught him sporting activities when he was younger (not convicted at that time and nothing untoward happened to dh). Sadly, though his 'happy' memories are gone as he will never know if this guy was up to something with any of his friends at that time in his life. Seems you can take the innocence of childhood away without even being a victim of this terrible crime.

stupidgirl Wed 24-Mar-04 20:38:01

I didn't see it, or know it was on, but my mum watched it and told me all about it. I didn't want to hear. It makes me feel ill, *how* can anyone do things like that to innocent children? It's just shocking and horrifying. These people deserve to be locked away, I've never agreed with the death penalty, but maybe there should be exceptions...

Mermaid2 Wed 24-Mar-04 20:45:26

I knew it was on but could not bring myself to watch it. Saw the last 2 minutes and that we enough to make me feel utterly disgusted by these animals. They are no human and seem to show no remorse. Cried in bed thinking about the children it is happening too.

charliecat Wed 24-Mar-04 20:45:39

I watched it and I too was appalled by the discriptions of the photos, women were involved too, babies in nappys ffs. I was disgusted by the pathetic sentences they got and I was shocked to see the policemen shake Pete Townsends hand, they cant do that to all the suspected ones...I mean really.

handlemecarefully Wed 24-Mar-04 21:36:38

This sort of thing gives me a real problem actually. I try really hard not to be a misandrist, but I do struggle not to dislike and distrust men. I know it's very wrong to dismiss a whole gender....but its virtually always men who are guilty of these heinous crimes. You are all going to tell me off now for admitting to my inner struggle not to turn into an irrational man hater. I'm not proud of my (mild) prejudice and I'm trying to combat it...but do you sometimes feel the same due to this sort of thing?

sorry - just unburdening!

charliecat Wed 24-Mar-04 22:16:48

HMC, I totally agree with you, I think paedophiles come in all shapes and sizes though, there was women on that progrmme last night and I walked in on my neighbour when i was about 9 and she was getting her 3/4 year old child to do something absoultly distgusting to her and it was her own son. My dd6, then 5 was also asked over and over again by a screwed up 10 year old girl to sit on her face. They were meant to be watching a video. I think to be weary is better than sticking your head in the clouds and thinking it wont happen to me or my child.

stupidgirl Wed 24-Mar-04 22:57:02

HMC, I know what you mean. I can't help questioning the motives of men, in a way I wouldn't with a woman. I can't help it, but like you, don't like to admit it. I'm not obsessively fearful, just very cautious, and it seems like you need to be. I *know* it's not common, and it;s not likely to happen, but it happens to some children and I can't just assume that because it;s *unlikely* to be my children, that it *won't* be my children IYKWIM. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

mummytojames Wed 24-Mar-04 23:23:01

im now 24 and i was talking to my father (step dad came into my life about three days after i was born my mum and him worked together but he never said nothing to her because she was in a relationship) and we was talking about my son going to toilet over my dp the night before having a laugh about it and talking in general and i said to him i bet that brings back memorys dont it and my dear dad replied no i never changed you nappy i never dressed you or bathed you and the only time i would be in the same room as you was if you had a nappy and a vest on keeping you covered up so i asked him why was that because it sounded a bit silly and he told me that he was scared of being done for child abuse if he saw me with anything less on and i must say that shocked me to bits because i love my dad and know him better than most and know he wouldnt hurt a fly and these sick pigs makes a great man like him feel guilty for just changing a nappy i say forget prison and the death penalty let the parents or the child if older decide what should be done with them after all there the ones that suffer so shouldnt they pick the punnishment to fit the crime i know if it was me it would be ten minuits alone with the person in question but no repacusions to what happens to them and if its a parent that does it kill them they dont deserve to live any way
well rant over just needed to say that

Chandra Thu 25-Mar-04 00:51:24

didn't see it but agree wirh you jdm... they should be castrated, prisons are not going to change them if anything make them worse, and, as they don't seem to be riotus guys they are granted parole in no time, so yes I vote for castration... no mercy on people who ruin lives that are just starting... couldn't understand how is that htey get such short time sentences...

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 07:37:21

didnt know it was on but dh said he couldnt watch it and turned over, made his stomach curl. I watched one once and was just horrified

ks Thu 25-Mar-04 08:24:30

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Thu 25-Mar-04 09:04:35

Kind of see what you mean KS, but the one clinic that was operating to "reeducate" these people has been closed down. Rationally I could see that the work they were doing was invaluable but I was still unable to accept that there are people who view kids and babies as sex objects, it just turns my stomach.

I also know taht I could never volunteer to be one of the parents taht volunteers their child as someone for a paedophile to develop a "safe" relationship with.

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