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have you had any telepathic moments with your kids?

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Lorien Wed 24-Mar-04 12:54:33

Just wondering if any of you have had any telepathic moments with your kids. Just had a very clear cut one this afternoon which made me smile a lot (infact its the only telepathic moment I can ever remember having...)
We were just parking the car at home and I was wondering if ds1's "Bob the Builder" magazine would be in the letterbox. It comes once a month and it was about the time when it should arrive. I hadn;t mentioned this to ds1 at all, because I didn't want to disappoint him if it wasn't there. Anyway, as I was turning off the ignition, ds1 says "Mummy, do you think the Bob magazine will come today?" Freaky or what? Of course it wasn't there. But we live in hope that it will appear one day soon.

ponygirl Wed 24-Mar-04 15:13:22

Yes, well, actually dh with ds1. When ds1 was a baby, dh had a very strong telepathic link with him: he could talk to him mentally and ask him to stop crying or lie in bed at night and "ask" him to make a noise so that he's know he was OK. Worked every time. Didn't work with our other two children though and stopped at about 11 months. Strangely, it seemed to come back last week. Dh and ds1 (now 5) went to the car and dh had a letter to put into a building round the corner. He didn't mention it to ds1, but as he walked past the building he couldn't see a letterbox and was wondering where it was; put ds1 in the car and went round the corner, couldn't find a letterbox so shoved it under the door; came back and ds1 said "So, did they have one?" Dh: "One what?" "A letterbox." It hppened later on again. Ooooooooooer!

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 15:13:34

Not really with the kids, but it happens with dh and I quite a lot. To the point that I will be thinking about something, and he will answer my question, without me having to utter it.

jampot Wed 24-Mar-04 15:16:25

Yes - quite often I will just glare at my children if they've done something wrong and they just disappear up to their rooms without me having to say anything

dinosaur Wed 24-Mar-04 15:28:59

It happens lots between me and my mum.

suedonim Wed 24-Mar-04 16:21:13

I had a sudden panic in the middle of the day a couple of weeks ago about grown-up ds1, who lives in the US. It was about him having an accident and how quickly I'd be able to get out to LA blahdeblah. A few hours later he phoned and said a tree had just fallen on his wife's car when she was driving home from work. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but the car is very poorly.

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