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Anyone know how to break a child lock on a bottle?

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Janstar Wed 24-Mar-04 11:24:50

I'm in the middle of a DIY job and I need to paint the knots in the wood with stopping. However the lid is stuck (I presume stopping has got in the threads from last time). I've prised off the lid but there is another part underneath. Anyone got any magic solutions?

CountessDracula Wed 24-Mar-04 11:26:17

Stab it with something sharp so there is a hole in it? Works for jars etc

mothernature Wed 24-Mar-04 11:26:47

Try pliers or in my case a nutcracker to grab hold of it...

misdee Wed 24-Mar-04 11:29:15

i dont think nutcracker would like to be used to open bottles

SoupDragon Wed 24-Mar-04 11:29:27

Give it to a small child?

Try soaking the top in white spirit to loosen the knotting in the threads?

SoupDragon Wed 24-Mar-04 11:29:48

Knotting, stopping, whatever...!

Kayleigh Wed 24-Mar-04 11:33:45

Go and buy a new bottle.

Janstar Wed 24-Mar-04 11:43:31

lol soupy

you can call it knotting or stopping.

Hooray - my huge, burly window-cleaner just arrived and got it open for me. Even he struggled though.

Thanks everyone.

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