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New anti-terrorist measures - should I shop my neighbour?

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paranoid Tue 23-Mar-04 14:12:04

I saw on the news last night that we are being encoraged to grass people who we suspect might be terrorists or are behaving in suspicious way.

I have some neighbours who moved in opposite about 4 monhts ago. They have so many strange comings and goings, sometimes if ds is awake in the night i'm in the front room and there always seems to be cars pulling up outside for 10 mins, just sitting there blockin the road and then going again without picking someone up, the driver goes in and out of the house/

I realise they might be drug dealers or somethimg - i never see them in the day, the woman is occasionaly in and out but never the man.

What do you think?

M2T Tue 23-Mar-04 14:16:52

Paranoid - I think they sound well dodgy....and it sounds like drugs. Wouldn't go as far as to say it sounds like terrorist activity though.

If you are really concerned then phone the anonymous Crime Stoppers number. Can't remember what it is now, but should be in the Yellow Pages.

Are you in the UK?

paranoid Tue 23-Mar-04 14:19:09

yes i live in a nice area, not really drug dealer land but i know drugs are everywhere now.

kiwisbird Tue 23-Mar-04 14:20:58

we live in block with drug dealer, police know nothing they will do about it, even though we have undercovers on the case watching the flat
Good luck!

M2T Tue 23-Mar-04 14:21:47

Unfortunately drugs are everywhere.... although it is unusual for someone to deal drugs like that.
Are the cars you see parked outside 'nice' cars ie. owned by quite wealthy people?

Coddy Tue 23-Mar-04 14:25:13


nutcracker Tue 23-Mar-04 14:27:21

Agree it sounds like drugs to me too. You could try contacting the police but when i did that they took no notice. Actually had the cheek to ask if there was any way i could try and find out who the bloke was.

whymummy Tue 23-Mar-04 14:31:56

talk about premature ejaculation coddy,they're in and out in 10 minutes
seriously though,do tell paranoid

Jimjams Tue 23-Mar-04 14:34:05

drugs dealers.

But then we had a murder next door so don't ask me......

Coddy Tue 23-Mar-04 14:35:17

my paerents lived in a picturesque rural wilts village - prostitution there!

fio2 Tue 23-Mar-04 14:36:13

and drug dealing most prob...


CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 14:41:00

Yes I lived opposite a murderer once a long time ago. Watched them take him away

misdee Tue 23-Mar-04 14:42:31

just before i moved onto this estate, the police busted drug dealers and prostitutes. now its a nice place.

shop em

fio2 Tue 23-Mar-04 14:45:54

we used to hang around with one cd, we used to call him pyscho though!!!...didnt actually know he was

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