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Weird Dream, any dream experts out there?

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mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:09:04

Last night I had a weird dream, I'm not the sort of person to go shopping, but there I was in my dream wandering around an old but posh type indoor shopping area..I found myself trying on a pair of shoes, a very unusual type suede looking thong toed shoe with an Indian bead type decoration, these laced up the leg slightly, to my horror my legs were extremly hairy..I was so shocked as I was sure that I had de fuzzed my legs before I gone out, I then began to panic and cry....I don't usually remeber dreams but this was was so real...can anyone analize this?

marthamoo Tue 23-Mar-04 11:27:20

You need to shave your legs? Sorry , couldn't resist.

Nope, no idea - some deep rooted anxiety about appearing less than perfect and in control? Variation on the finding oneself naked in a public place dream?

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:30:12

I did I did shave before I went out honest Done the naked thing, didn't worry me as much as this one though, strange eh.!

fio2 Tue 23-Mar-04 11:31:12

naked in public dreams doesnt bother me anymore. I hate the teeth falling out dreams

marthamoo Tue 23-Mar-04 11:33:24

Having a penis growing out of your head. Now that's a strange dream.

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:33:37

Fio2 thats one I haven't had before loosing teeth OMG! I wish I could find a pair of those shoes though they were rather nice

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:34:32

marthamoo did you really dream that one! OMG i said OMG!

marthamoo Tue 23-Mar-04 11:37:11

Yes, I really did. Do you want to hear the synopsis?

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:37:50

marthamoo Yes!

marthamoo Tue 23-Mar-04 11:46:33 asked

In my dream I woke up and was getting ready and I looked in the mirror and saw this *thing* on my forehead. When I turned my head to the side I realised it was a penis, a fully grown one. It was just as horrible as it sounds. I went screaming out of the room, sobbing, and said to dh "what is that? what has happened to me?" and he looked competely bewildered and said I had always had it. He made me look through the photo albums and, sure enough, in every photo back to childhood - there was this thing, I just seemed not to have noticed it before. I was hysterical and dh was accusing me of being shallow about my appearance - "well, it doesn't do you any harm, lots of people are worse off, I still think you're beautiful, the kids don't even notice it blah blah."
Next thing I was asking my GP and he (I have a female GP IRL) was saying there was no way valuable NHS resources could be wasted on a cosmetic complaint.
I woke up just as, in my dream, I was attempting to fasten a rubber band round it to make it wither up and drop off.

Freud would have a field day

CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 11:48:47

marthamoo I am in tears of laughter at your dream

My recurrent dream is trying to call someone on an old fashioned telephone (dially sort) and when I get to the last number I do it wrong and have to start again. Keeps happening until I wake up in frustration!

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 11:49:32

At least you had the solution... rofl

Sonnet Tue 23-Mar-04 11:56:40

I've also had that recurring dream CD - *aparantly* it means that you are having trouble communiciating with somebody/situation....

Frustrating though isn't it....

mothernature Tue 23-Mar-04 12:00:23

When I was little I did have a re-ocurring dream/nightmare, I would be walking along the street, (outside most of the houses where I lived had underground windows covered either by metal grids or thick green glass,) anyway I was walking past a property that seemed to be an appartment a few storeys up and as I walked past the property the grid changed shape and grabbed me by the ankle..leaving me screaming and tugging at my leg to get away from it...this I can still remember after nearly ahem...30 years..

scoobysnax Tue 23-Mar-04 12:15:35

Fear of snooty shop girls?

lou33 Tue 23-Mar-04 12:34:43

MM that is hilarious!

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