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Yellow lines

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Harrysmum Tue 23-Mar-04 10:47:36

We are going to a parking tribunal over the parking restrictions in front of our house. There were (many moons ago, pre-our living there) broken yellow lines to indicate limited parking. These lines are virtually non-existant now and we have lots of photos to prove it. However, since the council took over parking tickets from the police they have been using our street (all 6 houses) as a source of income. What I really want to know is how long and wide does a broken yellow line have to be? I have googled, I have asked, I have even phoned the council but no-one can tell me what the regulations are that govern the markings of roads. Anyone able to help?

SoupDragon Tue 23-Mar-04 11:03:44

I thought there had to be a sign on a lampost or similar explaining when you could and couldn't park on a yellow line.

Harrysmum Tue 23-Mar-04 14:12:19

There is a sign if you ferrett around the hedge for it but legally the lines are there to indicate the type of parking restriction (broken - limited parking, single - evenings & weekends, double - never etc) and the signs are there to clarify the scope of the line. But where does it say how wide/long/visible etc the lines need to be?

SoupDragon Tue 23-Mar-04 14:36:49

I have a sneaky suspicion that the "worness" of the line doesn't matter as you should be able to tell from the sign (not if it's hidden in a hedge!) and if there are stripes on the kerbstones. I seem to remember that the fact that lines are covered by, for example, leaves that it's still your fault for not checking other signs. This is all fairly hazy and I'm not sure where that piece of information has surfaced from in my brain!

Have you tried ploughing through the Road Traffic Act?

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