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Baby monitors and groovey baby grows

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Vitchy Wed 13-Mar-02 16:06:08

Can anyone out there offer advice on the best baby monitors? Joseph Sasha will be in his own room shortly ... so i need some help.
Plus has anyone found a place to buy fun baby grows?

MandyD Wed 13-Mar-02 19:18:11

Can't help with a baby monitor but do some really funky colours, either plain or colour blocked. Wish I'd known about them when my son was tiny, I really wanted to get him black babygrows for the shock factor!!

honeybunny Wed 13-Mar-02 19:48:12

Vitchy- I swear by my Tomy Walkabout 3000.(about £50) Its sensitive enough to pick up ds breathing, essential when I first put him in his own room at 8weeks, as I was a very paranoid 1st time mum. And even though he is now 16months old, I still use it as he's on the third floor of the house, we sleep on the 2nd, and I struggle to hear him if he wakes up at night, and we definitely couldn't hear him over the TV downstairs. I like the fact that I don't have to physically go into his room and disturb him to know that he is sleeping soundly, I can hear from the quality sound on the monitor how he is. I still turn it up to hear him breathing even now. It lulls me to sleep at night!!
I bought a 2nd monitor (Tomy classic from Tescos approx£25 I think) as no2 is due soon and we'll need ds monitor for him. Regret getting a cheepy as I can't hear breathing on this one, and the sound quality generally is much poorer. But then I'm sure there will be some of you out there who don't bother with them at all.
HTH your decision making!

MandyD Thu 14-Mar-02 09:20:31

...also, for clothes, try!

Melly Thu 14-Mar-02 20:52:07

Hi Vitchy, I was and still am a totally paranoid first time mum. We started off with a Tomy monitor which was about £40/50. Just before we decided to put our dd in her nursery at 6 months I was leafing through an old baby magazine and came across an advert for an Angelcare monitor. The write up was really good and I logged onto the website for more info. It sounded good and reasonably priced as it included a sensor pad to put under the mattress. I ordered one and paid £79.00 for it. My dh was really sweet and said that even though we already had a perfectly good monitor, if it would make me feel happier then fine, and it comes in handy having two sometimes, we keep one in the kitchen, where we spend most evenings, and one in our bedroom. I have been really pleased with the Angelcare monitor, it is extremely sensitive and as Honeybunny says you can hear the breathing etc. You can now get these monitors for about £59.00 I think, I saw one advertised in a catalogue, Empire Stores I think, so am a bit peed off to think I paid £20.00 over the odds, but you can't really put a price on peace of mind.

Hope this is helpful

Reager Sun 17-Mar-02 22:39:34

Newfamily shop has some funky baby gros. Unfortunately they don't do the black ones anymore. has some unusual ones.

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