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Anyone know anything about very large Log Cabins?

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Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:05:01

About 180 sqm or 1900 sq ft?

As in how much & where from


SherlockLGJ Mon 28-Aug-06 18:06:51

You spoilt with that last line, I was going to say, they are very large and made of logs.

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:09:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anteater Mon 28-Aug-06 18:10:47

if UK built will probably come in 4 sections of 12ft x 40ft bolted together.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:11:05

You are mean (unless you still have the Apalacian family Yodelling group's phone number)

Aww come on chaps I need real help here

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:12:01

OK Ant eater - so I would need about 4 of them (why that size?)

Where do I get them from?

anteater Mon 28-Aug-06 18:13:16

Most are built in Hull.
That size cos its the industry standard and as large as can be transported on wagon!

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:14:47

I thought they came in pieces

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:18:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:19:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:19:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 18:20:23

Based in Bournemouth !

SaintGeorgeMarple Mon 28-Aug-06 18:20:40

Hull - the caravan (and associated trades ) capital of England.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:22:00

Lovely - however I think I'll use JCB's and powertools

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:24:30

JackieNo - they are nice but not big enough

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 18:28:23

How about these (bottom left - Twyford commercial range)?

SaintGeorgeMarple Mon 28-Aug-06 18:28:24

Various amenity buildings from Cosalt

DH works for Cosalt.

Blossomhill Mon 28-Aug-06 18:31:29

Can I be nosey and ask what you need them for, as intrigued!

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:35:38

I will contact Twyford and cosalt tomorrow

Neither has any prices - but thanks guys it gives me somwhere to start

I want a building level with the ground rather than a portacabin

Any more ideas?

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:37:20

I am trying to open a nursery (maybe) - but portacabins are so high of the ground it makes outdoor access really hard for under 3's

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:30:18

Why do the portacabins have to be so high, I have been in loads of temporary ones that are quite low. I take it the more permanant ones have to be set higher due to the construction.

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:31:00

What about long wide ramps from the doors you will probably need this for disabled access anyway.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:32:30

It's just I'm gonna need about 4 at nearly £3k each

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:48:19

How the hell can a ramp cost 3k, get a local joiner to do them for you. In fact I will send my FIL , he is a joiner for the NHS.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:52:07

It is apparently to do with insurance and british standards (ffs & I don't swear often)

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