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fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:32:51

it looks like it is a virus with an attachment. I have deleted it and hoping I havent got infected - just a warning. Ignore me if I am being dim again

will have to get on a computer course soon!!!

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:35:32

just thought it might be something else, hope not

Is yahoo more trouble than it is worth or is it just me?

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 16:38:24


fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:39:39

well they have been having virus's with hi, hello, whatever...

this one was "greetings"

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 16:42:55

What in Emails, is that it?

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:43:50

just the title or whatever it is

>>fio buggers off knowing she has embarassed herself with lack of technical knowledge<<

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:44:38

just was thinking though it may be a naughty pic or something, not that i have had ever sent

PipBeckett Mon 22-Mar-04 16:46:00

Fio do you have anti virus software?

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:47:05

yes!!!! but still keep getting them. I think with certain titles they can iffiltrate easier, maybe, I dunno

MrsGrump Mon 22-Mar-04 16:47:36

I am getting lots of viruses with very ordinary subject lines from very seemingly valid & ordinary email addresses. I even get bounce-backs advising me that my mailer must have sent somebody else a virus or spam; not possible, since my mailer is on a unix box and they don't 'catch' viruses! What's happening is that the virus is faking ("spoofing" return email addresses. Evil evil people who deserve to be strung up by their toenails behind all this nuisance.

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:47:56

infiltrate (i am a moron)

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 16:51:05

Just don't open them. Then send her email address to a porn site and they will be over run by rubbish in return

PipBeckett Mon 22-Mar-04 16:51:26

The rule usually is, if you don't know what it is, don't open it. I down loaded a file off the internet and got sent a virus. It trashed my machine and left porn all over it. Dh wasn't impressed because it took him three hours to undo what I'd managed to do in 3 minutes. Most people wouldn't have been able to undo it and would have had to re-install. I'm lucky to have a MCSE/CNE for a hubby.

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:54:22

yes my hubby is very techy, but he tells me off for this kind of thing!

FF I even created a file on my home page once (accidentally) of 'what do men find sexy in a handbag?' he pissed himself laughing

PipBeckett Mon 22-Mar-04 16:56:53

Your hubby should educate you instead of telling you off. I had my hubby explaining how to install a device over the webcam from work this afternoon. He's patient and spends lots of time with ds1 & ds2 fixing their PCs

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 16:57:21

he does try to!!!

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 17:04:12

What a weird thread fio, why would you

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 17:08:42

because Im weird

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 17:09:35

Not as weird as the person asking something like that

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 17:12:32

I wonder who it was???

I really should stop posting on this thread now, people will see it and think I am thick

marthamoo Mon 22-Mar-04 18:29:04

I gave the PC a virus by opening a mail just like that - it *seemed* to have come from a poster on a website I used to frequent (where your posts were accompanied by your email address) so I opened it and chaos ensued. Turned out to be one of those infiltrate your address book things and the sender had been infected too. Dh not best pleased Took ages to sort with him going on and on about people who don't know what they're doing.

So I'm thick too, fio

aloha Mon 22-Mar-04 21:16:55

You are ok as long as you don't open the attachment, aren't you? I never, ever open attachments unless I know who it is from and exactly what is in it - ie someone I have spoken to has sent it to me by arrangement.

WSM Mon 22-Mar-04 21:36:12

I get loads of these stupid things, at least one a day from various sources. They usually have a short 1 to 5 word opening phrase and an attachment. The most recent one was 'something about you'. I always delete them immediately without opening them. You should also clear them from your deleted items folder too, don't leave them sitting there.

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 22:05:30

did do, thats okay then

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