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Zafira owners, please read!!!!

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SparklyGothKat Sun 27-Aug-06 23:54:10

Today while washing my zafira I noticed that my spare wheel has been stolen. Apparently this is a big problem (searching the net gave me that idea) and vauxhall are aware but not doing anything. You can buy a lock. I will have to buy a new wheel and a lock now.

misdee Sun 27-Aug-06 23:55:27

oh no

i remember this being on watchdog a few years back, i thought they sorted this out

fattiemumma Sun 27-Aug-06 23:55:53

oh i know this all too well!

mine was stolen a few months back. not only did i have to buy a new wheel but also a new catch thingy to hold it all up again.

all in all it cost me nearly £100.
mine is now padlocked into place. and i have the key on my car keys.

Megglevache Mon 28-Aug-06 00:01:57

Message withdrawn

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 00:02:43

My zafira is only 6 months old. Its a 06 model. I remember seeing something about it on watchdog a few years back, but assumed that the new models would be ok. I was at Ikea Brent cross yesterday and reading up on the 'net it appears to be a spot for zafiras to have their spare wheels stolen.

Megglevache Mon 28-Aug-06 00:03:46

Message withdrawn

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 28-Aug-06 00:04:23

THere is an identical problem with Citroen Xsara Picasso's too.

We have had ours stolen (although we were warned by the salesman at the time that this had started to happen). HOWEVER, we firmly believe that it was stolen by the garage during servicing....

fattiemumma Mon 28-Aug-06 00:05:10

i don't know where mione was stolen as i hadn't realised until i needed it!

they had stretched the bar thingy thatholds the wheel in place so they could slide it out.

mine is an 03. don't know if the newer ones have different latches, but you should check that the ne wheel is safe in its holding otherwise you will need to renew the latch as well.

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 00:05:32

its taken about 30 seconds to drop the cage and grab the wheel. People around might think that the person is just changing a tyre.

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 00:07:26

Its just a drop cage. I had the same cage on my last car (peugot partner) but that was never stolen

superloopy Mon 28-Aug-06 00:46:32

Same thing happened to me in Jan this year. My car is a Ford KA. The wheel was stolen, the carriage which held it in place was broken and the bumper was dented from the jemmy iron. Majorly pissed as Ford were not surprised as it seemed to me that they deal with this all the time and quoted £180 to repair and replace spare wheel. Also pissed that the excess on the insurance is £150! Got a small local garage to fit new undercarriage, replace spare wheel and fit a lock for £160. The most annoying thing is that the thief would only have gotten maybe a teener for his efforts. Wish the f*cker had just knocked on my bloody door .... I would have gladly given him £10 to save my bloody hassle!! Also regularly get my wheel cover knicked which pisses my off too. Feel like a proper pikey driving around without them!

superloopy Mon 28-Aug-06 00:47:49

Oops ment Tenner (£10) for his efforts

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 00:53:40

My zafira has 16" wheels so I dread to think how much it will cost me

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 10:01:42

bump for the morning crew

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 11:12:45

just been to look at the cage again and its been jammied to release the cage. they have damaged the hook, but not so its unusable. they have damaged the underside of the bumper slightly too.

fattiemumma Mon 28-Aug-06 11:32:39

I was lucky that i didn'thave Alloys.....i dread to think how much it wold have been to have bought a new bloody Alloy to match the thers.

I'm also lucky in that i have a pretty mechanically minded youngr brother who did it all for me, i just bought the stuff. the garage had quoted ridiculous amounts of money to fix it...when my brother did it, it was literally unscrewing the old fixing and screwing in the new one - i honestly think that even i could have done it!

LucyCat Mon 28-Aug-06 11:38:50

Thanks for that - ours is still there but we'll put a padlock on it today.

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 17:13:25

I don;t have alloys either, just large wheels. Have tried to phone the garage today but they are closed, so will phone tomorrow.

2shoes Mon 28-Aug-06 17:18:21

haven't read the whole thread. This happened to us about 2 yrs ago(and our friend) Ford are WELL aware of the problem so were th egarage but would not admit it was a design fault.
You can buy a lock for about £15 from the garage) I got it done for nothing and fitted for free as I kicked up a REAL big stink.

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 17:26:39

I plan to kick up big time. The car is a mobility car and I need to make sure its on the road all the time. If I get a flat tyre, my children can't walk that far. And we would be waiting around for the RAC to get to us. Also I wasn't informed when we collected the car that it was still an issue (I assumed that it had been sorted out on the new models) and that I needed a lock

nikkie Mon 28-Aug-06 17:31:43

I never knew about this!
We (well its My Mams ) have one a 51

SpaceCadet Mon 28-Aug-06 17:44:15

blimey-ive got a zafira a 01 model, id better check that the spare wheel is still there, i know it was back in april as i got a puncture and had to put the spare on.

SparklyGothKat Mon 28-Aug-06 18:36:26

you can read about everyone else's theft here

littleducks Mon 28-Aug-06 18:40:46

im surprised by this bil has zafira and spare wheel was stolen just after he bought it a year ago, W reg, thought it was a one off.

2shoes Mon 28-Aug-06 19:11:48

SparklyGothKat ours was also a motability car. we discovered it was missing on christmas eve

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