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Quick question...bit I being dim?(sorry)

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BlueDillyDilly Sun 21-Mar-04 20:24:15

Just wanted to ask..when I post messages, I get replies...but...I can't seem to see the actual words (sorry). Do any other mumsnetters look at the posts to understand them? Just asking

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:25:14

Can you see this?

cantresist Sun 21-Mar-04 20:25:20


marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:26:18

Don't ever remember seeing a post by you before you mean you don't get replies at all. Or you get replies but can't *see* them (some technical problem) ?

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:26:55

I wasn't being facetious, honest

PipBeckett Sun 21-Mar-04 20:27:34

Is this lavender1 taking the pi$$?

BlueDillyDilly Sun 21-Mar-04 20:28:34

thanks.. I do see the words...but they don't make sense IYKWIM?

Janh Sun 21-Mar-04 20:29:31

Lavender is certainly blue dilly dilly

PipBeckett Sun 21-Mar-04 20:30:23

Glad I'm not the only on Janh

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:31:30

I know I'm going to regret this but.....WHY don't the words make sense?

nutcracker Sun 21-Mar-04 20:31:48

No, she wouldn't, would she ???

BlueDillyDilly Sun 21-Mar-04 20:32:21

Janh...not lavender, but thanks for your message

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:32:23

No, no, no...let's go with it.

kiwisbird Sun 21-Mar-04 20:33:20

V Strange
who's been on the gin then?

emmatmg Sun 21-Mar-04 20:33:29

maybe her DH?????

PipBeckett Sun 21-Mar-04 20:33:33

In answer to your question bluedillydilly - YES you are being dim!

lavendula Sun 21-Mar-04 20:33:50

I know what you mean BlueDillyDilly ... i have the same problem ... i never quite seem to get the answers i want

kiwisbird Sun 21-Mar-04 20:34:28

so you can read the messages then?
I am so lost

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:35:11

I think the penny is dropping.

kiwisbird Sun 21-Mar-04 20:36:22

not dropped on me yet... I am still very much in the murky waters
Is this a joke thread?

Janh Sun 21-Mar-04 20:37:00

Well, it explains why she ignores the ones she doesn't like - she can't see them - of course! <<strikes forehead with palm of hand>> how could we have been so stupid!

nutcracker Sun 21-Mar-04 20:37:03

I'm confused AGAIN

emmatmg Sun 21-Mar-04 20:37:20

not here MM.

marthamoo Sun 21-Mar-04 20:37:45

It's a joke thread, kiwisbird. Someone is having a little titter. Quite funny, I have to say

BlueDillyDilly Sun 21-Mar-04 20:38:43

...lavendula (hey! our names are a bit...the same)...just wondered if am not the only one who...can't seem to take in what's being said to me (dh would agree) thanks Pip, I appreciate your message

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