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FOR MISS NUTCRACKER................

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tiredemma Sun 21-Mar-04 09:06:04

hiya , i put a message on for you the other day but you must of missed it.
just a bit of news that you may find useful, i know that one of your concerns about uce is that you will need to put ds into childcare which doesnt come cheap!!
found out a few days ago that as from this sept, the government will be paying 85% of all student nurses/midwives childcare costs, wether it be nursery, childminders or after school clubs, tou apply at the same time as you apply for your bursary.
just thought you may find this "cheering"
take care !

suzywong Sun 21-Mar-04 09:51:16

(and that's been a long time coming form the government, about time)

harman Sun 21-Mar-04 11:12:10

Message withdrawn

zebra Sun 21-Mar-04 11:53:34

Harman, you're supposed to be hiding away, aren't you?

nutcracker Sun 21-Mar-04 12:48:05

Tiredemma - Thanks for that. I did read something about it on that nursing site you suggested. Did you know though that you don't get any extra money for kids if your partner works because then the kids aren't classed as your dependants.

harman- I'm going to email that lady. I would definatly take part.

nutcracker Sun 21-Mar-04 13:06:35

Right i've just emailed her. I just gave her a brief description of our situation.

Thanks lots for that Harman

harman Sun 21-Mar-04 13:46:24

Message withdrawn

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