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pelvic floor....or lack of it....

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chloeb2002 Sat 20-Mar-04 19:57:03

So since delivery of DD my pelvic floor has never been the same! I am currently considering buying one of theose little trampolines as i think they may help? read it soemwhere but cant remember where. been trying kegel excersizes but no real joy! had a sesion on a big trampoline with DD and her friends and the results werent pretty!! well pretty wet any suggestions?....

zebra Sat 20-Mar-04 19:59:40

What trampolines? Haven't heard of it...

chloeb2002 Sat 20-Mar-04 20:12:00

Message withdrawn

udar Sat 20-Mar-04 21:05:03

You can get pelvic floor exercise balls which are weighted and give you something to squeeze. Some physios also specialise in this problem, might be worth getting a referral from the GP before spending lots of money.

twiglett Sat 20-Mar-04 21:08:22

message withdrawn

KatieMac Sun 21-Mar-04 19:31:53

Yes go and see a physio over 90% of women with this problem can be helped with just 6 weeks of help using a computer a little sensor and a biofeedback technique.

I needed quite a bit more but I was in the minority - the system really works - I spoke to loads of women who it had sorted out all their leaks!!

Good luck (it only takes an hour a week)

wintye Sun 21-Mar-04 23:05:58

Hi Katiemac, is it expensive. Do you have any numbers you could pass on for us all to call.

KatieMac Mon 22-Mar-04 18:46:04

Well - I had mine on the NHS, I had nearly 3 months of intensive treatment - but most people only need about 6 weeks (I asked my physio - as I thought it was taking so long). My Pelvic floor is not attached to my brain (apparently) the muscles tone up while being stimulated but the connection has gone - however loads of women only need to be 'reminded' how to use these muscles (the machine is like a TENS with a 'squid' thingie)
Althletes use this techniques on damaged muscles - it's just the same

KatieMac Mon 22-Mar-04 18:51:11

Something like one in three women have this problem and my physio gets so cross because the women who suffer never DO anything about it as it is "just one of those things" - and the cure is (usually) very simple

I ended up having a small op - but I didn't have stress incontinence - I had a constant drip (It's very embarassing, upsetting and you end up sore - wearing pads is degrading and since the op I'm back in sexy knickers - which has done my sex life no end of good!!)

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