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Milky vomit - how do I get the smell out of the carpet?

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popsycal Sat 20-Mar-04 12:24:10

Not very nice I know - but ds appears to have the tummy upset that i had yesterday and threw up his morning bottle and weetabix all over the carpet. The stain is sorted but the smell!!! Febreze didnt work and neither did copious amounts of CK1!!!

SoupDragon Sat 20-Mar-04 12:30:49

sprinkle Bicarb of Soda over it, leave for a while and hoover up. It's supposed to get rid of nasty smells I think.

popsycal Sat 20-Mar-04 12:31:25

ooooh thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!
does the carpet have to be damp or dry!?

Janh Sat 20-Mar-04 12:45:57

popsy, when I've done this I made a runny paste with the bicarb and water and rubbed it in with a cloth - didn't matter if the carpet was wet or dry - hoover it up when it is dry.

It's magic!

Hope ds is better soon.

popsycal Sat 20-Mar-04 12:47:18

thanks - will pop to the shops when he wakes up!

was going to ask my mum but knew you ladies would know best!

popsycal Sat 20-Mar-04 12:51:25

and i will clean me fridge too !!!

emmatmg Sat 20-Mar-04 12:54:15

Glad I saw this one as I'm always fighting to get that smell away and have bicarb in the cupboard from chickenpox outbreak (put it in bath in case you wondered)

Fabreze is crap and now whenever I smell it I immediately think 'Who's been sick'.

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