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Does anyone live in Dublin?

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kid Thu 24-Aug-06 15:49:26

It might sound like a really strange request by my DH's nan was talking about a place she used to live In Dublin. I was thinking about going to Dublin in November and she asked if I do so, can I go to her old address/area to see it.

It would be so lovely if someone lived near there and could take a photo.
It is a long shot but MNers have done wonderful things in the past!
I just need to doube check the address now (I know it was Summer (something) road)

airy Thu 24-Aug-06 15:50:48

I don't live there, but I do go over every few weeks to visit family, will be going over again in about 3 weeks and would happily do this for you

You can cat me if you want me to x

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 15:51:55

lots of spelling mistakes in that post but I do have my 4.5 yo asleep in my arms while I try and type!

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 15:58:35

can't do CAT's but you can email me k_dunne2000[at]

I have to try and remember the address now without her getting suspicious or getting her hopes up! She doesn't expect it to be the same there though as she did leave a very long time ago!

Is there a website or something where I could get the local street names?

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 16:02:04

Hi Kid,

I live near Dublin and I was born there. Anything I can do to help?

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 16:03:45

Just had a thought. You wouldn't be talking about Summerhill would you? It's in the North City Centre.

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 16:08:09

is it an area called summerhill or is it summerhill road?

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 16:13:23

It's Summerhill. What about Sundrive Road?

airy Thu 24-Aug-06 16:15:54

Have found a list of streetnames, not sure if it's comprehensive but these are all the ones on there that begin summer:

Summer arch
Summer place
Summer street north
summer street south
sumerhill parade
summerhill place
summerville park


airy Thu 24-Aug-06 16:16:37

emailed you btw Kid

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 16:20:12

I thought it might have been summerhill road, but I'm not sure. None of those listed ring any bells. I'm going to my in-laws tonight, they will know the name of the road. I thought it might also be useful to find out what year she left to find out if its changed and if so, when.
Thanks for your help, it really is appreiciated.

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 21:40:55

airy - I just emailed you back again.

It was summerhill where they lived.

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 21:50:13

Kid, check out this blog - nice old photo of Summerhill.

I think there was a book of photos called "The Diamond" published about that part of town.

Would happily take a few snaps for you next week if you tell me what you would like.

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 21:54:20

ooh, and here is a live webcam of Gardiner Street which is the main street that Summerhill joins onto.

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 22:09:47

Is there still a betting shop on summerhill? I think it was number 132. I'd love a photo of that and also anything interesting that you can see from there.

nerdgirl Thu 24-Aug-06 22:34:44

Will do my best for you Kid. Might get into town tomorrow. Will bring my camera.

kid Thu 24-Aug-06 22:42:15

thats great Nerdgirl, DH's nan will be really surprised!

Airy, I'd still like whatever photos you were going to take if you are still going there.

nerdgirl Sat 26-Aug-06 09:39:04

Bad news Kid. I went to Summerhill yesterday with my boys and a camera but the place has been redeveloped . It's all red brick town houses and apartments. Got a photo of the street sign, an old church and a new garden in the square between Summerhill and Sean McDermott street. Sorry.

I can email them to you if you'd like but I know they are not what you wanted.

You should check out that book - 'The Diamond'. I'm pretty sure it's all about that area in the old days.

kid Sat 26-Aug-06 16:31:06

I'd still like you to email me the photos if you don't mind

Thanks for taking the photos, it was really nice of you. She wasn't really expecting it to be the same anyway, it was a long time ago.

I did have a look for that book on Ebay but there aren't any, I will check out some other places I might be able to get it from.

Marykate Thu 05-Jul-07 19:23:36

Hi Kid,
there is a book written about growing up in the good ol'days (the 20,30 and 40s) in that area, Summerhill. The author is Bill Cullen. He is something of a and very wealthy. But he started off in Summerhill as child, selling apples. The book is called "It's a long way from Penny Apples". I am sure it is available on Amazon as it is/was a huge best-seller. It is a good read about the olden days and I feel sure your grandmother would enjoy it. It has photos of the area too. All the best

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