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Baby modeling

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benjaminsmum Fri 19-Mar-04 09:22:30

I am interested in taking my baby to a modeling agency. Does anyone know of a reputable agency or have any experience of modeling. My baby is ten weeks old and a boy. Thanks for any advice.

Freckle Fri 19-Mar-04 09:47:46

Where are you? This is quite an important aspect. Most of the modelling agencies are in London. There are a few in other cities, but they tend to be the major ones. You have to factor in travelling and the expense of it before deciding to go for it.

I did it for a while with DS1 and enjoyed myself. Didn't earn masses of dosh, but he did end up on television! The travelling was the problem, as I live in deepest Kent. Travel to London is fairly easy, but you've then got to get to where the auditions are and then to where the photo shoot/filming is being done. Lots of hanging around, which is not always fun with a small baby.

The agency I used was KidsPlus. Don't know if they are still around as this was over 10 years ago. SE London, anyway.

FairyMum Fri 19-Mar-04 10:21:35

Many agencies are advertised in "Junior" magazine. Don't want to start a huge debate about child modelling on your thread, but I did some modelling when I first came to London many years ago and this is not an industry I would ever introduce my children too. It's all about perfect people and perfection measured by the modelling industry's standard.......I can't imagine child-modelling being any different, so just be careful. Good luck though!

Crunchie Fri 19-Mar-04 10:32:20

ick suggestion is to do a search on mumsnet about this subject. There has been loads of threads and loads of agencys mentioned (good and bad) You do need to be in London to get any jobs and castings, and be prepared to be flexible. My girls do some modelling, they are with a good agency, but we have cut right back as my eldest is at school. TBH it has become more of a pain than anything else.

Bear in mind agencies get about 20 - 50 letters A DAY from prospective models, and they take on 1 or 2 A MONTH. These are the good agencies. The dodgy ones will take you on and charge you too - avoid these like the plauge

JBMUM Fri 04-Feb-05 18:58:48

I am sure Elisabeth Smith will be pleased to hear your comments. They charge and they are one of the most expensive at that. But not meaning to rain on your parade, they are also the founder members of the Association of Model Agents and one of the most reputable in the UK too. Mine are with Bizzykidz and we have just completed a fashion shoot in Leeds, so not all jobs are in London either.

biglips Fri 04-Feb-05 19:27:23

jbmum- hope you dont mind me asking you, but how you much you got paid for it in leeds?

JBMUM Tue 08-Feb-05 00:37:15

we got train fair reimbursed, hotel provided (early start on Thursday) and £350 for a day shoot

trace2 Mon 16-May-05 22:11:23

jbmum, where you from

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