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How do they know?

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musica Thu 18-Mar-04 03:55:33

How do children know when the washing machine is broken? My ds without fail is sick when our machine is broken. Our machine broke yesterday. So true to form, this evening he has been really sick all over all his bedding. Of course our spare sheets were in the washing machine when it broke, so are soaking wet. Does anyone else have this phenomenon? (I'm feeling slightly hysterical - it's 4:00 and still haven't been to bed yet, and the birds are starting to sing...and I just know dd will be up in 2 hours). I've just been sitting up with ds all night. Dh (bless him) has been washing all his sheets by hand and is now taking a turn at reading stories to our sad little boy.

Mummysurfer Thu 18-Mar-04 08:23:44

We have similar --- one of them always has a bad night (so we do) the night before an interview or something similar.

Hope your little one is soon feeling better.

Lethal Thu 18-Mar-04 10:32:44

You poor thing musica - hope your ds is better very soon. Glad to hear your dh has been helping out, it makes you feel a bit less 'alone' doesn't it.

Yes Murphy's Law seems to be well and truly alive - things always seem to go wrong at the worst possible times.

jodee Thu 18-Mar-04 10:44:33

Musica, hope your ds is better soon, and hope you get some rest tonight, you must be shattered.

Yep, kids seem to have a sixth sense, don't they? I threw one of ds's broken toys away this week, hadn't been played with for ages - so naturally he 'knows' and is hunhting for it the next day!!!

(and don't get me started on broken washing machines and so-called 'repair-men!)

musica Thu 18-Mar-04 16:57:36

ds is a lot better but we are all feeling a bit whingey due to lack of sleep! Has been a day of much CBeebies! Thanks again!

Mo2 Thu 18-Mar-04 17:46:46

It's a bit like "how do children know when you are wearing your newly cleaned suede jacket?"
And then wipe their fully loaded nose across your shoulder...

roisin Thu 18-Mar-04 19:18:03

Oh musica - big sympathies to you. w/m is number one on my list of essentials with kids. If it's not working for some reason for longer than 24 hrs I start to get seriously twitchy.

Hope your little one is feeling better now.

Marina Fri 19-Mar-04 09:33:10

Urgh, just seen this musica. Hope he is continuing to recover and the lurgy does not go *right through your family* like it did with us last weekend.
Also hope your washing machine recovers soon. The last time ours conked out I was so desperate 12 hours later I started eyeing the dishwasher...

musica Fri 19-Mar-04 09:42:00

lol marina! I don't think it was a bug - you know on the other thread I was saying that he won't eat. Well I asked them at his nursery where he goes once a week, to try to really encourage him to eat, and to my great astonishmnent they got him to eat fish pie. To my knowledge, ds considers fish to be food of the devil, and I suspect it didn't agree with him! Anyway, he's all recovered now. He said very proudly yesterday "I finished sicking". Lovely. Washing machine still broken - dh is going to mend it at the weekend, by which time I think every item of clothing in our house will be in the washing basket!

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