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How many towels do you take on holiday?

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Bucketsofdinosaurs Fri 18-Aug-06 21:37:54

My pampered sister was moaning about towels not being provided in the cottage she's holidaying in next week and how they've got to take 8 towels for the 4 of them. I boggled and tried to convince her that beach towels would be fine for a 7night holiday. We compromised with one extra towel for her when I pointed out that no one else in her family would give a damn if their beach towel got sandy/salty etc
Just wondered, am I a rank slob or is she Anthea Turner (they all would have been folded beautifully)?

expatinscotland Fri 18-Aug-06 21:38:55

None. The cottage provided loads.

Gobbledigook Fri 18-Aug-06 21:39:34

If no towels were provided then I must admit I'd take a swimming towel each (beach towel) and I'd take maybe 3 bath towels and a hand towel.

hunkermunker Fri 18-Aug-06 21:40:06

I'd not use my beach towel for myself or the children after a bath - is that what she means? I take a couple of beach towels on holiday somewhere where bath towels are provided though.

Although I've never been on holiday with the children...!

SKYTVADICT Fri 18-Aug-06 21:40:10

We (4 of us) took one beach towel each for a week in Majorca. Yes they were rank after a week, but hey! I am with you on this one

TheBlonde Fri 18-Aug-06 21:40:33

If I was going I would have probably taken 2 per person plus 2 spare plus 2 hand towels
My mother would also pack tea towels

Gobbledigook Fri 18-Aug-06 21:40:33

Oh, there are 5 of us.

We are off to a cottage tomorrow morning and luckily towels are provided so have only had to pack 5 swim towels.

Btw, FIL has a bag almost as big as our case. His is packed for one, obviously, and ours is packed for 5. What the f*ck has he got in it?!

iota Fri 18-Aug-06 21:40:42

I like to have beach towels and clean towels for when you get out of the shower after washing off all that sand and sun-oil.

Every s/c plavce that I ahve stayed in has provided bathroom towels.

dmo Fri 18-Aug-06 21:41:29

i would prob take 8 towels for the 4 of us plus 3 hand towels for b/room and my hair
as we have showers every morning and then we would need a towel for the beach so morning towels would be wet
do they have a washing machine so she can wash them if not i would take 3 towels each
and i'm a slob

themoon66 Fri 18-Aug-06 22:15:13

I take us a beach towel each, plus a bath towel each. The beach towel gets used for both functions for the first week. The second week the beach towel is purely a beach towel and the bath towel is a bath towel coz the beach towel is too rank to be a bath towel after one week.... IYSWIM

But thats camping. Cottages generally have washing machines.

themoon66 Fri 18-Aug-06 22:16:59

Once went camping to northern spain for three weeks. Had to wash towels by treading on them in the shower. Worked well i thought.

Bucketsofdinosaurs Sat 19-Aug-06 09:07:35

3 handtowels!!! I've only got 2 and they don't get washed every week
I must be gross then because I wouldn't bother washing sand and sunoil off everyone everyday. I might rinse the towels in the shower and hang out to dry if they did get icky.
I just don't see the point in going on holiday and taking all your home comforts - vive la difference . You might as well pack your favourite air freshener.

iota Sat 19-Aug-06 10:46:35

depends on the holiday BofD - If I'm camping I can rough it with the best of them, but a cottage is a home from home and has all mod cons, so I enjoy freshening up after a day at the beach and sitting down to a nice, gourmet dinner lovingly prepared by my dh and a glass of wine in my hand

MadamePlatypus Tue 22-Aug-06 13:02:21

Wow! For 2 adults and one toddler we would usually take some quick drying swim towels for the beach and possibly a couple of bath/beach towels depending on whether towels would be provided in accommodation. We always expect to handwash things if we are away for more than a week. I just can't imagine bringing that much luggage on holiday. (On the other hand we usually bring surfboards and wetsuits on holiday with us so I suppose that takes up more space than a few towels).

alligator Tue 22-Aug-06 13:16:26

lol we took 2 towels for 4 of us for a week! we rinsed them out after showers and stuff.

Guess it depends on how far you plan to carry your bags.

Xena Tue 22-Aug-06 13:32:25

I have always taken a towel each for the beach and a towel each for washing. But I'm thinking that with 6 of us now (haven't been since there was 4 of us) that I'm going to have to comparmise maybe the boys could share a beach towel and bath towel and the girls the same and DH and I could do the same? That would mean that we would need 6?

MaloryTowersIsSlimAndChic Tue 22-Aug-06 13:34:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tutter Tue 22-Aug-06 13:34:26

normally, loads

but we're off on hols on sunday and the villa is providing all towels, inc pool ones (but will prob still sneak ds's hooded one in)

MaloryTowersIsSlimAndChic Tue 22-Aug-06 13:34:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elliott Tue 22-Aug-06 13:35:22

I would take a bath towel each and then a couple of beach towels (find sharing the towels at the beach works fine).
I'm normally a bit of a domestic slob but actually really don't like the idea of using beach towels for the bath - all that scratchy sand!

elliott Tue 22-Aug-06 13:36:06

Its a pain when they aren't provided though as they are seriously bulky.

Bucketsofdinosaurs Tue 22-Aug-06 18:13:27

Just can't imagine having a bath on holiday , holiday to me means not doing what you normally do. If there's sea or pool nearby that'll do me.

iota Tue 22-Aug-06 18:15:46

BofD - face it - you are skanky

Bucketsofdinosaurs Wed 23-Aug-06 15:09:59

Nope I'm just oldfashioned

SoMuchToBits Wed 23-Aug-06 15:16:00

One beach towel per person, and one bath towel per person unless they are already provided.

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