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I am in big trouble.

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Twinkie Tue 16-Mar-04 16:31:39

Can't believe I have done this - Boss is supposed to be flying to Singapore tonight 10pm - his passport is at an embassy in london and I sent the courier to the wrong address - boss knew the address was different but did not tell me - I have phoned to tell him and he has just said in a really calm voice - well I can't fly without a passport - lets just talk about this later.

I could deal with it if he screams and shouts but not if he is just being really reasonable (well sure he has just slammed phone down and opunched a wall)

Can't believe I have done this - am crying now and everyone already thinks I am mad!!

jmg Tue 16-Mar-04 16:34:07

can't you just send another courier now?

embassy should still be open!

Plenty of time to get passport back isnt there?

Or am I misunderstanding you?

dinosaur Tue 16-Mar-04 16:39:00

See message on other thread Twinkie - get a trainee or other gofer person to jump in a taxi and go to the embassy and get the passport now!!!

bighug Tue 16-Mar-04 21:42:10

twinkie - hope it all sorted itself out. it wasn't your mistake really was it. hope tears soon dried - and you in your condition too.

princesspeahead Tue 16-Mar-04 22:08:09

don't worry twinkie... hope you sorted this out. sounds like it was half your bosses fault anyway.

if it makes you feel better, when I was in the City a colleague was going to the airport directly from a meeting out of the office. she called work and asked her trainee to bring her overnight bag to Heathrow from her office (which the trainee shared - the bag was sitting beside her desk). trainee duly jumped in a cab, went all the way to terminal 4, met boss at the check in desk..... and then realised she had forgotten the suitcase back at the office! boss had to go to the middle of nowhere in canada for 4 days without luggage. hee hee hee hee.

(do you remember this issymum?!?!?!)

kaz33 Tue 16-Mar-04 22:17:26

Yep and I sent very important urgent papers to USA by normal post rather than by courier - they took 7 days to arrive !!!

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