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Pesky Fruit Flys

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Metrobaby Tue 16-Mar-04 13:46:29

Whilst GeorginaA's house is infested with ants, I have an invasion of fruit flys. They seem to be coming from our bathroom - which is strange as there is no decaying fruit or veg, and no plants in there. The bathroom is tiled on all walls and on the floor.

We had a leak a couple of months ago, under the bath - which was fixed. Could they be coming from maybe damp floorboards under the bath that had not been dried properly?? And what do these fruit flys nest look like ?? How do I get rid of them?? I'm using fly papers to catch the buggers, and spray the room with fly killer but they are seem to be breeding somewhere as they keep coming back. Has anyone suffered with them ?? HELPP

Janstar Tue 16-Mar-04 13:51:16

I'm afraid it sounds to me like you have some kind of fungus growing under the bath. You will need to take up floorboards or whatever I think. Some kinds of fungi grow fruiting bodies on them. They can live in a humid atmosphere even if there is not a leak.

GeorginaA Tue 16-Mar-04 14:14:25

Ugh, metrobaby Don't have any advice I'm afraid, but you have my complete sympathy.

Metrobaby Tue 16-Mar-04 14:24:18

Thanks GeorginaA. Much sympathies to you too - hope you get rid of your ants

Janstar - do you know how I can get rid of the fungus ? What does it look like ??

Janstar Tue 16-Mar-04 14:33:02

There are lots of different kinds. It will look like some rubbery or powdery mass, it may be multicoloured, it may have gills like a mushroom or little shoots coming off it, it may be frilled.

I suspect you might need an expert if it is.

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