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OMG! GMTV want to interview us!!!!

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Thomcat Tue 16-Mar-04 10:04:09

Can't believe this really but the fact that my tummy is flipping all over the place and I feel a bit sick tells me it's true!!

I got home last night to a message from the Down Syndrome Association (the DSA) and she was saying that she'd seen the article in Eve etc etc and then she just said that GMTV had phoned her and would like me to go on with Lottie and talk to Lorraine Kelly!!!!

Ohhh, my stomach just did another somersault!

It's crazy!

Feel absolutley terrified but I have to do it, how can I not. This is what I wanted, awareness to be raised, and I just have to do it if it's being offered to me, don't I?

Anyway, can't talk about it anymore becasue I feel sick!!! Just wanted to tell you about it.

TC xx

spacemonkey Tue 16-Mar-04 10:04:47

WOW! That's brilliant TC!!!!

coppertop Tue 16-Mar-04 10:07:07

Whoooo hooooooo! See! We all told you that you and Lottie were destined for stardom!

Make sure you let us know when you'll be on. We can all cause a surge in the national power grid when we all switch it on.

Janh Tue 16-Mar-04 10:09:25

TC, I knew this was going to be you as soon as I saw the title! Oh, wow, how wonderful, you will do it, won't you? Please?

WideWebWitch Tue 16-Mar-04 10:09:45

Wow! You must do it Thomcat, although I'm sure it's a bit scary. You've already changed a lot of people's perceptions by posting here and via the article, so go change some more! Let us know when it's on won't you? don't usually watch LK but will that day

lazyeye Tue 16-Mar-04 10:09:45

Go for it Thomcat - you'll be fine.....(&Lottie)

Janh Tue 16-Mar-04 10:10:23

Cos you have to give us non-Londoners the chance to see Lottie properly (even if we won't get hugs!)

Festivefly Tue 16-Mar-04 10:11:53

Brilliant Thomcat, how exciting

Janh Tue 16-Mar-04 10:12:11

www, I never watch morning TV at all but did you see LK on HIGNFY the other week? (Oh - it might have been a rerun....) Anyway I really liked her - she didn't talk a lot but was just NICE! And she does love kids, doesn't she?

fio2 Tue 16-Mar-04 10:13:45

awww TC thats lovely do it do it do it

SpringChicken Tue 16-Mar-04 10:19:18

Wow TC that is great news

Glad it's with Lorraine and not Fiona, she gets right up my nose

Excellent news, make sure you remember to tell us when your going to be on!

WSM Tue 16-Mar-04 10:23:22

Fab stuff TC, you MUST do it

Twinkie Tue 16-Mar-04 10:25:13

Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah - oooooo they will have their highest viewing figures for ages - I will stay home thats for sure!!

Glad its lorraine too - Fiona tried to interview a woman with a baby - who I could hear quite clearly this morning and she told her off for patting her little babies back - goodness!!

bunny2 Tue 16-Mar-04 10:32:39

Wow, Thomcat, what a good opportunity to show how fab it all is. Go for it! I love LK.

SoupDragon Tue 16-Mar-04 10:33:20


You'll be too famous to talk to us soon...

twiglett Tue 16-Mar-04 10:33:53

message withdrawn

lydialemon Tue 16-Mar-04 10:34:29

I'll dfinitely forgo my usual C4 stuff to watch this! exciting!

dinosaur Tue 16-Mar-04 10:39:24

Yes yes yes Thomcat! Go go go!

Saw you and Lottie again in the Standard last night - and they got your surname right too!

Thomcat Tue 16-Mar-04 10:45:57

Uggghhh, I'm gonna puke!!!!

Just phoned the DSA who asked me to ring the reseacher and he asked me if I could go on tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!!

I said I couldn't do tomorrow, Now way man, that's just too soon, I need to get my head round all this first.

So then he said how about Thursday? Do these people not have their show sorted weeks agead, why can't he just ask me to go in next month?

Ohhhhhhhh, I'm really SO scared!
What if they ask me an awkward question or I get all my words muddled up or lottie starts being a monkey and playing up and ....... ohh, I musn't think about it, just got to do it, just please God not his week.

He said he's going to call me back but he'd like to try for this week, if not I told him i could do next Monday, Wednesday or Friday. I'd much prefer to do this nect month!

Wish they wanted D to come as well. I don't suppose he could thought what with starting his new job this week. Perhaps my mum or BF will just come up with me and just be with me in the green room.

Ugggh, there goes my stomach again!

alibubbles Tue 16-Mar-04 10:48:39

Brilliant! You must do it. Lottie will capture so many peoples' hearts and make people become more aware of what having a Down's child means, that it is not something to be hidden away and not talked about
It will show that she is special and has so much to give and how much she has added you and Dom's lives. She would be a fantastic ambassador for DSA.

Fizog Tue 16-Mar-04 10:50:18

WOW - That's fantastic!!

Make sure you let us know what day and I'll make sure I'm 'working' from home

Really amazing news!!!

Thomcat Tue 16-Mar-04 10:53:24

I know, i know, but can someone else do it for me. I really do feel really nervous!

I think the fact that he asked me to go on tomorrow came as such a shock that it's made me feel worse!

I've got to cut her fringe and decide what we should both wear, I've got to loose 2 stone and get my haircut, grow my nails and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No I haven't actually, I've just got to be calm and speak from the heart.

Got to go and make a cup of tea..............

fio2 Tue 16-Mar-04 10:54:44

Aww TC I can see why you are so nervous. I wouldnt worry though about getting tongue tyed they are used to people being nervous thats why lorraine is so chatty all the time to get people to relax...does seem short notice though. maybe its because given too much time to think about it people back out?

I really want you to do it though

Sonnet Tue 16-Mar-04 10:54:47

This is brilliant Thomcat - fantastic News and congratulations for having achieved so much in such a short space of time.
You will be great on TV (& Lottie) and I cannot wait to see you....
Keep us posted
Sonnet xx

alibubbles Tue 16-Mar-04 10:57:39

Thomcat, I wouldn't wory too much about yourself, Lottie will steal the show, you'll look fanatastic anyway as you are so proud of her!

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