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Property Developers?

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archshoes Mon 24-Mar-14 18:54:06

Suddenly, it seems to me, lots of houses are sold or subject to contract.
Is it property developers buying them?

Evidence, even just anecdotal evidence is welcome.

archshoes Mon 24-Mar-14 19:03:48

This is an out of the way topic, and I think I need to discuss this.

MisForMumNotMaid Mon 24-Mar-14 19:08:56

I'm in the North West and I don't see property developers snapping things up particularly round me. The odd repossession 20% under market rate yes, but even fairly well priced houses nope.

archshoes Mon 24-Mar-14 20:18:49

I suppose I am really talking about middle england? ish?
But I am interested in everywhere.
It just seems that in the last 2 weeks in particular, it has all kicked off.
I am new to it all so I am trying to get a handle on things.

Thanks for replying. And it is good that it doesnt seem to be manic where you are.

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