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Anyone use a steam generator?

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Rae1973 Mon 15-Mar-04 11:02:39

Morning everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else uses a steam generator.

I have just bought one to try as I do ALOT of ironing and seemed to be constantly filling the last iron up and waiting for it to heat up again.

I haven't used it yet, only just got it and have to pick up dd from school in 20 minutes so not really got time.

Any tips or comments would be appreciated, good or bad.


Demented Mon 15-Mar-04 12:19:21

I have a Polti, it is just the iron, not a cleaner combined. I love it. It is absolutely fantastic. The only thing would be you have to wait about 10 mins or so before you can refill it with water, I usually find it helps to make sure all the steam is out of the iron before you turn it off (I do this by only having the iron switch on and not the heat switch and pressing the steam button until you can't see or hear any more steam, yours may work differently though). This is the only downside as far as I can see but I usually welcome the 10 min break after nearly an hours work of ironing.


miranda2 Mon 15-Mar-04 12:21:59

Do they make ironing a lot quicker, easier, better or all three? Keep thinking about getting one but not sure i can justify the cost.

suedonim Mon 15-Mar-04 12:55:32

Buy one, buy one! I've just acquired a Bosch version and it is fantastic. It reduces ironing time by at least half, as most things only need to be pressed on one side. As Demented says, you have to let it heat up to begin with but I get about 1.5hrs out of a tank so have only had to refill it mid-iron once.

The sad thing is, it doesn't make me any keener to get the iron out in the first place.

GillW Mon 15-Mar-04 13:49:03

Am I the only one who read the title of this thread and envisaged using a steam engine to generate your electricity?

Tinker Mon 15-Mar-04 13:54:08

Me too GillW

Rae1973 Mon 15-Mar-04 14:09:52

Message withdrawn

Demented Mon 15-Mar-04 15:52:12

Miranda2, yes, yes, yes and yes!

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