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Mildew Dilemma

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billem Wed 19-Mar-14 11:11:42


Has anyone else discovered a problem with mould or mildew over this mild and wet winter?

I live in a bungalow and i am finding mildew everywhere i look. Its mostly on my wood furniture, have also found stuff under beds, its freaking me out. I am at my wits end, so fed up, constantly worried, feel sick and can't eat. I am making myself ill over it which is not good. We have a specialist coming tomorrow to do an assessment but my pessimistic head is saying they won't be able to help and i am stuck with this problem forever or its going to cost an arm and a leg and possibly a kidney too. I sound ridiculous, i am doing my head in but just can't shake it off.

Anyone else feeling like this or had this problem?? I need to know i am not alone!!!

Shewonthelpherself Wed 19-Mar-14 11:12:36


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