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How do i design and print a label for dd's book/school bag.

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nutcracker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:39:29

I know it's probably something i should know, but i haven't a clue, which programme i should be using or what to do with it.

All i want is a buisness card size label to slot in the window of dd's school bag. At the mo she's got a piece of card with her name and class on, but she's seen someone else's rather funky one, and wants me to do one.

HOW ???

Ronniebaby Sun 14-Mar-04 20:56:08

Nutty, Nutty, Nutty What are you like.

Best to use Word, click on Tools, Letters/mailing, click on Labels, select the label you want, and type & Print.

Otherwise, if you have the time, you can do them on Powerpoint, but bit fiddly

Mummysurfer Sun 14-Mar-04 20:57:31

there's a web site that does this sort of stuff - will look for it.
hang on

Mummysurfer Sun 14-Mar-04 20:59:03

on here somewhere
does all sorts of lovely stuff

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