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Weird thing happened today. What would you do - quick poll?

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Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:37:57

Phone rang and my daughter picked it up. It then went dead. Did 1471 and it was the number of a friend I fell out with 3 years ago.

What would you do? Ring back? Or assume they'd rang it by mistake and leave it?

popsycal Sun 14-Mar-04 20:39:07

i would ring back- pretend you dont know who it is.....
and say who you are and see what they say!

hercules Sun 14-Mar-04 20:39:28

Ring back. Even if it was a mistake it's a good opportunity to talk again although depends why you fell out.

Mummysurfer Sun 14-Mar-04 20:39:52

ring back, it maybe a chance to mend things, if you want to that is

coppertop Sun 14-Mar-04 20:40:30

I would wait for them to ring you back. If they are trying to be friends again then they will ring you back. If they are trying to cause trouble or rang the number by accident it could be an awkward call if you phone them.

nutcracker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:40:51

I would ring back too

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:42:07

Hmm, coppertop, that's my thinking...way too proud to myself in that position.

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Mar-04 20:42:17

Depends on whether you want to rekindle the friendship or not I think and what you fell out about and whether it's likely to have changed. If you would like to be friends again then call her, if not leave it. That's what I'd do anyway.

lou33 Sun 14-Mar-04 20:43:33

Ditto what www said.

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:45:27

I'm not sure what I feel, feel sad we fell out but if she rang by mistake would feel stupid.

Kayleigh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:45:35

I agree with www and lou33. Depends whether you are keen to get in touch again too.

Kayleigh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:47:16

We crossed Tinker. If that's the case I'd give her a ring. If it was a mistake she made it and you shouldn't feel stupid. If she really meant to call but got cold feet you may get a friend back. Worth the risk I think.

Good luck.

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:50:02

Hmm, know what you say makes sense Kayleigh but I'm a stupidly proud person. This is where I wish I knew her email address...

Janh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:50:43

I would leave it. You know how you feel but she may have rung by accident. If she wants to ring again she will. (It's what I do with 1471s when I don't recognise the number - "if it's important they'll ring back".)

jampot Sun 14-Mar-04 20:51:24

Tinker this is so weird because on Thursday a friend of mine called whom I fell out with 2 years ago (actually fell out with husband's workmanship). She rang and I saw the number on my phone and was surprised so I didn't answer. She left message and I didn't know whether to call her back. I did call back and it was as though the argument had never occurred.

Janh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:51:56

Mind you if you fell out 3 years ago she's not going to have your number in her phone memory, is she...?

Kayleigh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:53:08

Ring her !

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:55:05

Strange indeed jampot. Was only talking to another friend about the siutation last week though so this makes it even stranger. I could just be programmed into her phone though and one of her children pressed it by accident. She could have hoped I was away and wanted to leave a message. So many options. I feel the same as you jan, if it was genuine, she'd try again

stupidgirl Sun 14-Mar-04 20:58:00

Even if she did ring by mistake, don't you think she'd be touched by the fact that you made the effort to ring her back?

Maybe this was a way of trying to get in touch with you, perhaps she wasn't brave enough to speak to you and wanted you to recognise her number and ring back?

I think it really depends on your feelings.

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 20:58:06

Felt strangely nervous though when checked the number - TWICE. So could be setting myself up for huge disappointment.

Kayleigh Sun 14-Mar-04 20:59:52

But could be getting your friendship back. It obviously means a lot to you. And i really don't think you have anything to lose.

Anyway i'll butt out now as have to get off here or dh will kill me !

Tinker Sun 14-Mar-04 21:01:43

Hmm, will agonise over this tomorrow.

Janh Sun 14-Mar-04 21:02:04

If you really really would like to try to make up though it does give you the ideal opening..."I dialled 1471 and it was your number, I was sorry to miss your call, how are things?..."

(Pretending you didn't know DD answered?)

Janh Sun 14-Mar-04 21:02:46

I know what you mean about the nerves!

SueW Sun 14-Mar-04 21:11:20

Janh - you are obviously more organised than I am!

I still have numbers in my mobile of people I haven't spoken to for 4+ years but put their numbers in when I first bought the phone/sim.

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