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Um, does anyone else have visions during sex?

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Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 14-Aug-06 17:54:41

Can't believe I'm going to post this here but I'm really curious, I can't be the only one...
Sometimes when DH & I are having really good sex I feel like we're transported/surrounded by different moods/venues/themes. Eg one time I just kept visualising lush green leaves and a jungly feeling, another time had a kind of behind-the-waterfall feeling. Anyway, last night's was the most bizarre because the only way I can describe it is New York 70s artpop Velvet Underground style. What's that all about? I don't even like the Velvet Underground!
DH doesn't get any visions btw, just thinks I'm a bit nuts when I come out with this stuff afterwards.

intergalacticwalrus Mon 14-Aug-06 17:56:06

Yes, but my visions involve Sainsbury's and the sheer amount of ironing I have to do.

gothicmama Mon 14-Aug-06 17:58:10

think it's probably natural especially if you find 'mental/emotional images more of a turn on

southeastastra Mon 14-Aug-06 17:59:21

acid flashback?

FioFio Mon 14-Aug-06 18:00:27

Message withdrawn

Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 14-Aug-06 18:04:47

LOL, they just pop into my head and it's like out of the corner of my eye (because I'm not concentrating on what I'm really looking at) it's all around us, like being in a magic eye poster maybe. One time everything was completely blue, like the inside of a bluebell (which ok my yoga teacher once took us through during meditation but this time was totally spontaneous.)

Socci Mon 14-Aug-06 18:06:47

Message withdrawn

LadyTophamHatt Mon 14-Aug-06 18:07:57

mine only involve images of the clock on the bedside table.

I tend to worry I wasting valuable time where I could be sleeping so always want to now what time it is

Thalia Mon 14-Aug-06 18:08:14

Yes I definitely get these and have only spoken to DH once about it. Sometimes the surroundings are different colours, as you say, themes. I often seem to think up beautiful abstract images. All sorts of things come into the image, ribbons, plants, paintings, colours, swirls....I understand exactly what you mean. Are you quite artistic ?

noddyholder Mon 14-Aug-06 18:09:52

yes of Johnny Depp

Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 14-Aug-06 18:12:55

Yay someone else! Not really artistic but I think Socci might have a point, I don't think I had them before I started doing yoga last year. Maybe 20mins meditation a week during termtimes has further reaching benefits than I would have guessed!

Quootiepie Mon 14-Aug-06 18:12:59

I get these! thought I was the only one!

colditz Mon 14-Aug-06 18:19:53

i see colours!

MarsLady Mon 14-Aug-06 18:35:42

My visions go from Jamie Foxx, Clive Owen, Taye Diggs...... I think you get the picture. Sometimes all together.............. or is that TMI? lol

Lemmingswife Mon 14-Aug-06 18:36:58

My vision used to be my shopping list!!!

southeastastra Mon 14-Aug-06 19:06:15

i'm sure there was a thread a while back, about seeing colours, i can't remember what it was called though.

southeastastra Mon 14-Aug-06 19:38:10

although this is to do with numbers!

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 14-Aug-06 19:41:59

yes, called synaesthesia or something.

How interesting!

But am going to put this forward for quote of the week:

By intergalacticwalrus on Monday, 14 August, 2006 5:56:06 PM Yes, but my visions involve Sainsbury's and the sheer amount of ironing I have to do.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 14-Aug-06 19:42:42

Oooh! I spelt it right!

Familytree Mon 14-Aug-06 19:45:50

Does foreplay involve the huge consumption of mushrooms?

Alibaldi Mon 14-Aug-06 19:47:02

what's sex So long just the thought of even have a higher plane kind of experience would be good.

Greensleeves Mon 14-Aug-06 20:07:00

Seriously, were you into psychotropic drugs when you were younger,Buckets?

Bucketsofdinosaurs Mon 14-Aug-06 20:07:07

LOL Alibaldi, that's why I didn't post this on the Relationships forum, didn't think there'd be so many people having as much fun as me!

kuduku Tue 31-May-11 14:52:56

I have visions during sex very often too , especially when it is very intense sex.
I got worry at the beginning as the images appearing floating in front of me where extremely clear, normally very beautiful. Examples are, two hands holding each other strongly or the body of a naked handsome man which is sat contemplating something but I cannot see his face as the vision is from behind or a circle between another circle floating in front of me or a bird flying etc

Sometimes I feel like I am getting out of my body and floating, in general the visions are great fun and pleasurable.

I did some research as I was curious about this matter and discovered some interesting articles related to the connections of the ultimate orgasm and death.... it is said that when we have very intense sex we can get to that state of ultimate orgasm which is very similar to what people might experiment while they die.... images...visions.... transportation feeling... etc

I really like that die for a moment while having sex during the ultimate orgasm.

Well I have experienced that many times already and will keep searching for more info.

Any feed back or comments from people with similar experiences are welcome.

ilove Tue 31-May-11 15:00:27

reported kuduko

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