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Ghostly goings on

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DaddyThunder Tue 04-Mar-14 17:42:30

So, while the little one was suffering from teething, colic, reflux and good god knows what else we found it hard getting him to sleep.

One night was particularly bad, and he had been scrying (Screaming and crying) for a good long time even after feeding, nappy changes, baby paracetamol etc. and I'd come up to relieve mummy bear (we tag team each other so we each get a chance to de-stress) in trying to comfort him.

So my head it down in his cot and I'm rubbing his back and giving him gentle shushes when I see a pair of legs through the bars of his cot. I stand up, having to bend around his mobile to get up without breaking it, look over... and there's nobody in the room with me. Mummy bear is making herself a cup of tea downstairs still...

I had stopped shusshing at this point, though the reflex back rubs were still going, and just said "mate, help. please" (Our little one is named Indiana after a friend of mine who passed in a car crash a few years ago)

Seconds later (no exaggeration. literally 10-15 seconds) Indy is asleep and smiling... Slept through for the rest of the night

Do you guys have any similar stories?

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