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About to book a Eurodisney holiday. Any advice ......

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carla Thu 11-Mar-04 10:01:12

or pearls of wisdom? Do I need my head tested?

emsiewill Thu 11-Mar-04 10:12:19

have a look at this and this for ideas and tips. We had a fantastic time - best holiday I've had.

carla Thu 11-Mar-04 10:28:47

Thanks for those - I think! Def. have mixed feelings about it now!

bluesky Thu 11-Mar-04 11:56:06

Go for it Carla, you've got to do it once!

Keep it brief, 3 nights is enough. How old are your littlies?

carla Thu 11-Mar-04 19:44:26

4 and 5. God, it's expensive, isn't it!

Hulababy Thu 11-Mar-04 20:19:33

Carla - we choose a non-Disney hotel not in the site. Means driving for about 15-20 minutes to and from park, and paying for parking (not too bad) each day but hotels were much cheaper. More of a hassle as you have to get tickets separately, and you don't get to go in early or anything but certainly much much cheaper!

We went in October last half term with DD aged 18 months. Spent one day in Disney, the other day at the Studios (with last 3 hours in Disney again). We all loved, especially DD.

So much so, we are off to Florida this summer

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