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Was Hitler really born with teeth?

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Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:40:49

Anyone know? I've been told it quite a few times, but don't know if its true.

There is always someone on MN who knows

FioFio Wed 09-Aug-06 20:41:14

Message withdrawn

OwainGlyndwr Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:15

THE most random question ever asked on MN


CountessDracula Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:48

walt disney had no gums

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:49

who tells you this
what kind of conversations are you having!

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:56

I've heard the one ball too... snopes was cr*p for this question

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:43:22

did his teeth just stick out of the bone then CountessDrac??

<genuinely fascinated now>

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:44:48

Do I have odd conversations then?

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:45:22

well it was 'been told it quite a few times' that got me

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:00

how can you not have gums?

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:01

I think that might be an old tale about boogie men. Richard III was also reputed to be born with teeth, and also hair down to his shoulders.

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:44

oh what a baby i'm picturing now!

CountessDracula Wed 09-Aug-06 20:47:53

he did have gums really I made it up

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:48:19

ah bollocks
gullible, moi?

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:50:22

Found something to back up that it is possible:

Apparantly one 1 in 2000 babies are born with teeth. The tooth buds develop whilsty baby is still in the womb. Most get their first teeth between 4 and 7 months.

FioFio Wed 09-Aug-06 20:51:31

Message withdrawn

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:53:49

I have had 3 people in the last 2 months say it to me (DS teething), and had heard it before then too! I need different company....

at taking them out though!!!!

CountessDracula Wed 09-Aug-06 20:54:36

My brother had a schoolfriend who had two rows of teeth. He had 3 to start with but they had taken one out.

v odd

(i am not making this one up)

LemonTart Wed 09-Aug-06 20:54:50

this has to be one of the funniest most random thread titles on mumsnet EVER.
I think we need a competition to find the most random title ever award

southeastastra Wed 09-Aug-06 20:55:42

everyone's born with teeth but you can't see them (i think)

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:56:19

I had 2 rows of teeth. My adult teeth came threw before some of my milk teeth fell out. Had about 8 teeth removed and fixed braces for 18 months or so to sort it!

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:56:27

I amm giving Birth shortly and KNOW i'm going to have a nightmare tonight about a baby with hair down to it's bottom with two rows of teeth sticking out of it's jaw!

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:57:11

DH still has a baby tooth at the front
it was so strong the new one grew out of his gum so they took it out

I think someone at my school had 2 rows on her top jaw

I knew some babies could are born with one or more teeth

All these teeth facts coming out of the woodwork...

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:57:29

I nearly put it in "news" but then realised it probably wasn't

But... NO-ONE has actually answered my question!!! Surely SOMEONE knows stuff like this?!?! And how come I can't find it on google or anything??? Do random people say it to me, but no-one online???

The bloody "The its gonna taste great frosties kid has killed himself" rumour has loads of pages with it discussed! Hitler's teeth is dull though?!?!

3 rows of teeth sounds frightening.

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:58:40

3 rows of teeth???

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