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Relocating is on the cards to CIRENCESTER

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Ola805 Mon 24-Feb-14 16:40:59


I have had a good think before putting this up and am doing my research on good old Google.

We currently live in West London and my husband has been offered a really good job in Cirencester.

So relocating is on the cards….

I don’t know much about Cirencester and have always lived in London. We have children age 7 and 3 that currently go to a lovely prep school and have all are family base in London.

I don’t mind relocating. We are of Ethnic origin and do not want to relocate to a town that are not welcoming and have prejudice views as coming from London my children have never been exposed to racism or prejudice in the community or at school.

I just honestly want to know what is like living in Cirencester.

What is the community like? will we have problems settling and what are the best schools?

I have had a look at small village state schools and really like Down Ampney C of E Primary School. What are other schools like?

Siddington Church of England Primary School

Ampney Crucis Church of England Primary School

North Cerney Church of England Primary School

Kemble Primary School, Cirencester

North Cerney Church of England Primary

Powell's Church of England Primary School

I know everywhere has its problems and London being number 1 for issues. However I just don’t want to relocate and have to start dealing with small-minded people and children experiencing bullying at school etc.….

I would be so grateful for honest replies as this is a big decision and don’t what to live to regret it…

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