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Finding out someone has died

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ToffeeOwnsTheSausage Sun 23-Feb-14 16:37:10

I have two questions as I have searched BDM and got nowhere.

How would I be able to find out if someone had died and how soon after someone has passed away is it on line?

Also, I have been told someone I never knew existed has died and I only have their possible father's name. TBH I think this is a lie but would like to know if it is true.

Muddlewitch Sun 23-Feb-14 17:00:46

Do you know the area they lived in? If so you could look at the local newspaper online for death notices etc. They might also give you the names of some remaining family members who could be a link to further information.

ToffeeOwnsTheSausage Sun 23-Feb-14 17:13:06

The first question is about someone who would have died fairly recently if they have which is why I was asking how soon it would be on line but the other person - if they existed at all - died about 9-10 years ago. I know the county and the sex of the second person. I looked at the local paper and there was nothing on either person.

LondonForTheWeekend Mon 03-Mar-14 21:54:11

In Ireland there is a website called Perhaps there is something similar here

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