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AAAGH Sky Tv tele sales makes me soooo mad....

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StripyMouse Wed 10-Mar-04 15:24:23

I stopped our Sky TV account recently and am getting so annoyed with being called by their sales dept. trying to bully me back into re instating the account. This is about the fourth call I have had (losing count.) and it just takes the biscuit. They ring up with the same blurb each time - first asking if I am Mrs.... and am the account holder (I then tell them that there is no account anoymore and am not interested) they then ignore me and cut in with "we have some fantastic offers that will change your mind if you just give me a few minutes...can I have your account password please?" - this amazed me. If I no longer have an account, have already said that I am not interested why on earth do they need my password?!! I then tellt hem I am not going to tell them as it is confidential and not prepared to continue talking to them any more - interupted again by rather irritated man who insists he needs a password and what is more, he cannot finish the call without it as it is against company policy and he can’t log my disinterest on his machine without my password as proof that he spoken to the real me. I am now getting very angry at the constant interuption and the slight suggestion that I am not handing over the password because I am not actually who I say I am...(by now I am storming around the room very angry and starting to raise my voice whilst being cross that I have yet to put the phone down on him). Being a polite kind of person, I warned him that I was about to put the phone down as this conversation was not going anywhere and just not interested - he then tells me (in childish voice) "fine, but if you don’t cooperate with me, another colleague will have to ring you back at a later time" - stupidly I can’t let go and tell him that if they do, I will put the phone down on them too....and on and on it went until I couldn’t stand it any longer, told him that I thought he was a bogus caller and put the phone down. Phew. I then rang Sky customer services to check if it were a bogus call and no, it is standard practise to call back and try to "win back" (ie. harrass) old customers. Am I the only one to think this is just carzy and not on? Has it happened to anyone else?
Too early for a glass of wine so thought I would let off steam herre rather than take it out on my rather worried looking DD1 who has just asked me "are you happy mum?". AAAAAGH!!! No I bloody well am not - will try to let it go now, feel better for that rant. Sorry for wasting your time

StripyMouse Wed 10-Mar-04 15:26:08

sorry - crazy not carzy - not inventing new insults here

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