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child modelling.

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amansfield Fri 21-Feb-14 16:49:19

Ive recently been looking into the idea of letting my 4 year old do some modelling. I sent his photograph to neon models who are based in london, they aren't an agency but they help with the process. I was just wondering if any other mummies had used this company and what their experiences were like, or if indeed your child does modelling how did you get them started? We live near Glasgow so its a bit of a treck to london and im just not sure if im ready to let him commit so much to it.

johannes98 Tue 25-Feb-14 17:42:49

Don't do it. neon models is a scam!!!!!

They are liars and full of cr*p!!!

I have worked for them for a month and their whole company is bull**

1) They say that you have been short listed but that is a lie

2) They say that they have been in the industry for 10 years and that is a lie because the company has only been open from November.

3) They say that they have professional make-up artists and photographers but that is also a lie, they are random beginners who have no experience.
I have seen them interview them.

4) You will not get your deposit back because they will push you to buy pictures.

5) They do not care about helping you with your modelling career, all they want is to make you buy pictures.....

I promise you it is all a huge scam and also working for them is a scam...
I could not live with having to lie to people and build up their hopes for someone else gain.

The managers name was Chelsea(weird name for Indian guy) who pays the wrong wage and does not want to tell you his surname.

He also lies about everything, I promise you I have in all my years working not seen worse cowboys then neon models, also my pay came from a company in finchley.

Do not fall for their pitches because it is all a lie.

I have worked for them and if you don't believe me ask for Chelsea or l who is the other manager.........

No better answer!!!!

Also the owner of the company has had many more companies like this and has been on watchdog

All he does is change the name and rip people off!!

They say the same thing to everyone who person who sends them a picture!!

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