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So excited I could wee!

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FunkyBarnYard Wed 19-Feb-14 18:01:30

This is not about a proper chrimbo though!

Tomorrow we are taking DS to drive a Lamborghini Gallado! He has NOOOOO idea whatsoever!

He will get coaching. Two laps as a passenger then a chance do do a little bit of driving!!! shockshock

He is nearly 12. On the way home we are going to Alton Towers

hahahahahahah shock. His head will explode.

Sooooo can't wait even though it means leaving the house at 6am shockshock

I haven't told another soul in case they told him - but I had to tell someone!!!

FunkyBarnYard Wed 19-Feb-14 18:18:46

Oh. Really wanted to natter to someone...

boptanana Wed 19-Feb-14 18:29:08

Sounds brilliant. I love the anticipation of things like this, even better than a treat for yourself. Enjoy your day! grin

FunkyBarnYard Wed 19-Feb-14 18:38:07

Ah phew I response. He genuinely thinks we have no plans and has asked of we would consider taking him go karting gringringrin

Onesleeptillwembley Wed 19-Feb-14 18:42:38

Isn't it one of the best things about being a parent, knowing something is coming they'll love. smile

30SecondsToVenus Wed 19-Feb-14 19:03:16

If your ds decides it's not for him and he would like a nice quiet day at home, I'm available all day grin

Have fun it sound awesome smile

travellingwilbury Wed 19-Feb-14 19:04:37

That sounds amazing , he will burst .

HumphreyCobbler Wed 19-Feb-14 19:08:09

I am v envious!
what a lovely surprise for him

It is something i never expected before i had dc, how genuinely exciting it is when you plan something that gives them pleasure

FunkyBarnYard Wed 19-Feb-14 19:11:39

I am dreading the early start. He will question where we are going once we pass Alton towers. He certainly won't expect Alton on the way home from driving a super car!shockgrin

I have the camera charged. Snacks and drinks packed.

BehindLockNumberNine Wed 19-Feb-14 19:12:23

Oh how fabulous!! Have a fantastic day and please come back and tell us about it! He will be thrilled, I wish I could see his face when he realises grin

curiousgeorgie Wed 19-Feb-14 19:14:24

He's allowed to drive at 12?

That's crazy. When we looked for one for my brothers 18th he couldn't do it because he hasn't passed his test yet...

Can you post a link? smile

Hoolit Wed 19-Feb-14 19:17:34

Oh wow what a lovely surprise for him. I got my ds just turned 13 a Ferrari one for Elvington but we've not booked it yet, just gave him the voucher at xmas.
I hear there are fab cars to book on the day at a small extra cost ie £20 to have a go in that are meant to be brilliant, maybe you could have a go?

FunkyBarnYard Wed 19-Feb-14 19:19:08

This isn't the site DP booked with but a quick google says it's the same price and package

FunkyBarnYard Thu 20-Feb-14 06:11:35

And we are up!!

Starting the day with pancakes!

FunkyBarnYard Thu 20-Feb-14 06:11:48

And we are up!!

Starting the day with pancakes!

ParsleyTheLioness Thu 20-Feb-14 06:14:23

Have a good day Funky!

Isabeller Thu 20-Feb-14 06:18:30

Have a great day!

stillenacht Thu 20-Feb-14 06:32:01

Have a great daysmilesmilesmile

mellojello Thu 20-Feb-14 06:39:42

Have a fab day x

LadyintheRadiator Thu 20-Feb-14 06:42:59

How exciting, have a fab day smile

HellsGranny Thu 20-Feb-14 06:46:43

Have a fab day grin

FunkyBarnYard Thu 20-Feb-14 07:42:56

Half way there!

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Thu 20-Feb-14 07:46:41

Let us know how it goes! Have a great day smile

Thattimeofyearagain Thu 20-Feb-14 07:49:17

Wow, have a great day smile

JourneyToThePlacentaOfTheEarth Thu 20-Feb-14 07:57:16

My brother did this for his birthday. Then they let his 4 year old son have a go! My ds' were sooooo envy when they heard and saw the pics. Well done op, your ds will absolutely love the day and you've given me lots of ideas for my ds birthday so thank you

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