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madgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 09:49:40

any ideas? i have my heart set on deep red/burgundy but should we have pattern, or plain, and if pattern, how big - the windows are huge- track is 3 metres and drop of 2 1/2 metres. pathetic, i have trawled round a fabric warehouse and john lewis and still not sure what to go for.

Copper Wed 10-Mar-04 09:51:48

Ha, I was going to say raspberry. So no other idea than yours, really. Do you want thick or thin? If thin, how about sari fabric?

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 09:58:08

Message withdrawn

lydialemon Wed 10-Mar-04 10:00:08

2nd vote for cream/ivory I'm afraid, unless the room is huge and the curtains won't dominate.

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 10:02:36

Message withdrawn

aloha Wed 10-Mar-04 10:06:49

Cream/stone colour or duck-egg blue for me.

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 10:08:54

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Wed 10-Mar-04 10:09:41

cream/ivory. But that might be because that's what we've got

madgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 10:17:07

blimey- BIG ivory fans here!
don't you think that will make the room cold? don't get me wrong, i like the look of the whole thing. but we have wooden floors so i am worried it's going to look a bit like we're trying to look cool and trendy and magazine like and i want it to be warm and inviting

mrsclooney Wed 10-Mar-04 10:21:30

deffo not red.
I would get a coffee cream 60s retro print. Jl do one - PPh and i have the blue one in our bedrooms!

mrsclooney Wed 10-Mar-04 10:25:13

soenthing like these

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 10:25:56

Message withdrawn

lydialemon Wed 10-Mar-04 10:26:39

Coffee sounds good actually, not really dark but toning with the sofa and your wooden floors.

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 10:26:55

Message withdrawn

mothernature Wed 10-Mar-04 10:31:54

I would go for coffee colours or soft russett depending on how big your window dressing needs are. If your curtains are the same as your walls (white/cream)it could look too clinical.

Clarinet60 Wed 10-Mar-04 11:00:29

I tried burgundy curtains - big mistake. They sucked all the light out of the room and made me feel oppressed. We switched to pale green & cream.

fairydust Wed 10-Mar-04 11:06:33

what about a capachino colour or a lilac

Frenchgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 11:14:29

how about a turqoise-type blue. tricky to find the right one probably but could look nice?

katzguk Wed 10-Mar-04 11:47:28

sounds like myliving room to be...still decorating we've gone for cream/ivory curtains to match the wallpaper. To make it seem more warm and cuddly i've got some fake fur fuffy cushions in ivory and am going to get some lovelt red cushions. We are alos planning on putting colour in the room thru art, Mark Rothco does some lovely painting in reds which will look just lovely!! p.s were not rich enough for originals just prints and framed posters!!

madgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 13:17:36

thank you all very much. am now convinced that either coffee or cream would be good. one further question- should we go one colour or mix of 2? and how about cushions?? as you can tell i am not an interior designer by trade.

collision Wed 10-Mar-04 13:23:14

Go with coffee cushions as will look great. What colour is the floor?

madgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 13:30:00

it's mid brown (oak stripped floorboards)collision

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