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SILLYMUMMY Wed 10-Mar-04 08:41:24

We've seen the most georgous dark red sofa -apart from painting the room cream/white can anyone recomend a color scheme for walls and accessorries.

As i want something with the wow factor and all my ideas are so boring.

handlemecarefully Wed 10-Mar-04 08:50:06

Very pale yellow or gold works well (preferably gold)

It doesn't sound very nice but in fact the combination does look effective

I had very pale yellow wallpaper and deep red cushions shot through with gold, plus deep red and gold curtains. Looked quite good.

madgirl Wed 10-Mar-04 09:51:21

snap handlemecarefully, i was going to say gold if you don't like the idea of cream. would say that gold would be easier for accessories as there as so many shades of yellow

lydialemon Wed 10-Mar-04 10:02:26

Well, we've got dark red walls and a gold sofa and it works OK for us.

mothernature Wed 10-Mar-04 10:02:58

We have a dark red leather suite, we have painted our walls English fire red it looks great, but then again it is a big room which is also dominated by a floor to ceiling old flat stone wall, we painted the wood skirting Egyptian papirus and window frame white.

Beetybeetybangbang Wed 10-Mar-04 10:04:55

Message withdrawn

Chinchilla Wed 10-Mar-04 21:11:06

We have olive coloured walls. This only works in a medium or larger sized room.

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 21:16:20

Yes I was thinking green.

SofiaAmes Wed 10-Mar-04 23:45:03

I would always paint the walls bright white and then put art up for color. Get some gold or fake fur cushions to spice up the couch. Wow factor comes from being understated not over the top.

Chandra Wed 10-Mar-04 23:52:23

Cream walls (sorry), dark brown timber or beech in other furniture; brown, caquis and some types of purple accessories may interact well with its dark red tone. Agree about the faux fur cushions

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