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Life/career accomplishments in the last decade? What about any events you wish never happened to you?

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arabellaandbaby Fri 14-Feb-14 06:31:18

Girlfriends and I got chatting at a meal last night about what we all respectively achieved, what milestones we passed in our lives, career, etc. over the last 10 years since graduation... and also things that have happened that we either regret or had no control over. Here's mine:

Graduated from uni
Bought first car
Got married to the love of my life
Bought our first home together
Embarked on professional career path
Promoted to senior at work
Had first child
Bought second home and rented out old
Promoted for second time at work to manager

Regrets/Events outside my control:
Never followed career path I dreamed of when younger/what parents aspired for me to do.
Had break-in at first home.
Mother passed away when I was in late 20s.
Dad moved abroad and remarried.
Suffered whiplash injury from rear-end collision.
Put off having second child for now due to career aspirations (age gap between first and second child too big now).

What are yours?

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