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Would you re-use stuff stored in attic ???

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twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 21:08:56

message withdrawn

Tommy Mon 08-Mar-04 21:13:35

I'm not a doctor but surely you can't get a chest infection from sleeping under a dusty duvet?
What about if you shower the Moses basket to get the dust out?
Or, are you allowing your Mum to get to you again, Twiglett?

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 21:16:34

message withdrawn

WSM Mon 08-Mar-04 21:18:47

Honestly Twigs, your bl***y mother....

I'd just get the hoover out with the attachments for the moses basket wicker tbh. I should think that so long as the fabric dressings for both the basket and the car seat have been freshly laundered then there is little to be concerned about. Give the basket a good hoover and a decent airing before redressing it and inserting baby.

suzywong Mon 08-Mar-04 21:20:36

Ask her to stump up for it and spend the money on a massage for yourself

PipBeckett Mon 08-Mar-04 21:20:58

I agree with Tommy, reuse it and ignore your mum. Give everything a good hoovering and wipe down with antibax. It will be fine. I reused everything with my ds2 and they had been in the loft for five years.

GeorginaA Mon 08-Mar-04 21:27:05

Good hoovering, a good wash and a new matress in the moses basket will be fine (at least I very much hope so as we have done exactly the same thing!!!)

Kayleigh Mon 08-Mar-04 21:31:07

oh for goodness sake. What is your mum on ?!
Like others have said, give the stuff a good clean and air and it will be absolutely fine.

Jimjams Mon 08-Mar-04 21:34:09

errr your mother is mad!!!! DS2 survived being clothed and contained in attic stored clothes, bedding and moses baskets, cots - everything!

prufrock Mon 08-Mar-04 21:50:16

I re-used my little brother and sisters moses basket that had been stored in the attic for over 21 years (did get a new mattress though). She is talking rubbish twiglett.

miranda2 Mon 08-Mar-04 22:05:13

Some people are hyper-cautious. I reused stuff that had been in a friends attic after her 3 boys had used it, and it is now just out of my attic for a friend, who is passing it back next month for me to hand over to my sister whose due in June - hopefully i'll get it all back before no.2 gets beyond a twinkle in the eye.
But the other day, I took ds to a friends house, and they wouldn't let me use their baby sons cot for his lunch time nap (their baby still being in moses basket) because 'it might be dangerous to share cot mattresses'???#!!!*@!

marthamoo Mon 08-Mar-04 22:31:18

I would have re-used my carry cot (which languished in the loft for 5 years) but when I got it down it had gone all mildewed. I still tried to scrub it clean, albeit half-heartedly - your Mum would have had a blue fit, twiggy Use the blimmin basket. No, better still, say to her "I know you're worried about me using the basket from the loft so my friend has given me her dog basket instead - it hasn't been in the loft, her dog only died last week."

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 22:54:26

message withdrawn

GeorginaA Mon 08-Mar-04 22:59:48

Yes, they do just sell the mattresses in mothercare, although you do have to measure up first (I seem to remember there were several sizes and shapes of moses basket mattresses and until I get the damn thing out of the loft, I can't for the life of me work out which one I need!!)

loofers Tue 09-Mar-04 09:26:23

I was advised by a car safety officer not to use my car seat for my 2nd child. I had stored it in the loft and apparently the change of temp from cold in the winter to hot in the summer can weaken the plastic.
Everything else will be fine

lou33 Tue 09-Mar-04 09:44:01

That's interesting Loofers. I would have thought it would be no different to having a car seat in the car, with the heat of summer and cold of winter.

I've reused most of the stuff we stored in the attic. Having 4 it would have been too expensive otherwise!

Twiglett, your mum is from another generation, and obviously has very different ideas to you. Doesn't mean she is right though, so go with your instincts.

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 09:46:06

message withdrawn

Crunchie Tue 09-Mar-04 09:54:41

Well I used MY old crib, which had been in my parents attic for around 30 yrs, for my 2 babies. I wiped it and re-painted it and put in a new mattress. It was already 2nd hand when my mum had it, so as far as we know it has been used for about 6 babies

handlemecarefully Tue 09-Mar-04 10:03:30

Lets give your mum the benefit of the doubt this time - she means well on this occasion, but she's still wrong!!!!!

Bozza Tue 09-Mar-04 13:29:24

Was planning on using all sort of stuff from loft for my baby some of which has not been stored in covers.

Whats the theory on mattresses? I'm thinking cot mattresses here. I know you are not supposed to use second hand mattresses but somehow it doesn't seem second-hand to me - more of a hand-me-down. Should I purchase a new mattress? It was one of the £70 ones from Mothercare with removable, washable cover?

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 13:33:35

message withdrawn

dinosaur Tue 09-Mar-04 13:35:51


I have one of those cot mattresses and I did reuse it for DS2 - I remove and wash the cover frequently and hoover the mattress itself. Another good thing to do, when the weather warms up, is to put the mattress in the sunlight for a few hours - sunlight is a natural disinfectant, and obviously it airs the mattress at the same time.

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 13:36:12

Message withdrawn

MrsCodswallop Tue 09-Mar-04 13:38:36

I put my moses basket int he shower wiht some mould and mildew remover,

ds3 still alive

GeorginaA Tue 09-Mar-04 13:40:14

I'm not sure about the cot mattress thing. I've decided to go for new (both for the cot and the moses basket) simply because it's a small amount of money for a large amount of piece of mind (for me).

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