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Shipping gifts from China? Need advice.

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melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 12:16:06

DHL is closed in China (7:00 at night there) and I need to find out roughly how much a small box weighing around 7lbs might cost to send to the Uk??? The volumetric weight is 243.98lb's .
Anyone have any ideas , also how quickly can they get packages over here???? need it in the next 5 days!!!

Anyone in China ????

Tetley Mon 08-Mar-04 12:37:47

I looked on the DHL UK website - and put your details in (but it was for a parcel from UK to China & not the other way round) - and it gve a price of £70, with a transit time of 3-4 days.

Perhaps the international DHL website (i.e. rather than give more detail for stuff from China, or perhaps they could tell you over the phone from one of your local offices?

LIZS Mon 08-Mar-04 12:41:03

Is their calculator on the website here of any use ?

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 13:06:58

Thank you will have to decide now as its costs the same as the goods!!!!

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