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Just Monday blues !!!

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melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 10:23:10

Ever get Monday blues ?? You know when u can see the whole week ahead and you think ARGHHH. I shouldnt complain as DD is wonderful, but I sometimes feel tired, fed up and warn out with the same routine day in day out (bottle cleaning/making bottle feeding/ food feeding/washing up/wash machine/wash house etc etc). I have arrangements this week so I am doing stuff , its just that the day seems so long and lonely sometimes and I cant go out every day. I need some sleep so may be thats all it is today!!!! I also have mid month ovulation pains which are yuck.
I would like to do some work (I have my own freelance design business), but I cannot yet face a deadline. I cant even do any drawing for pleasure let alone for a job. I just sometimes feel the week cant always be about coffee groups and TALKING.
Someone slap me now , Im just moaning !!!

lou33 Mon 08-Mar-04 10:29:57

I get this every day Melsy, find it a struggle to get out of bed most times. Today is esp difficult tho, as it is the anniversary of my mum dying. But i sooo kwym.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 10:33:44

Im sorry Lou33, my grandfather died this month about 6 yrs ago, we have a tribute candle every year for it in our religion and It is a really special tradition. Why not do the same today and think of all the special times. Hope youre day is not to painful.

lou33 Mon 08-Mar-04 10:37:09

Thanks Melsy. I didn't mean to hijack your thread. Reading it back makes me sound a bit like I am trying to tell you to stop moaning, which I wasn't. I do generally hate mondays, school runs etc though.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 10:45:17

Your situation is more legitimate than my moaning.

lou33 Mon 08-Mar-04 10:47:53

I think they are both equally valid.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 10:49:34

Thank you, my mum has put in my head I shouldnt feel like this ever.

lou33 Mon 08-Mar-04 10:53:14

That would say to me that your mum always felt like it, but was never allowed to voice it. Not done , etc.

You are welcome to email me from contact a talker if you ever want to. I have to go out now, so sorry if I don't reply to any posts aimed at me immediately. Take care.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 10:55:17

Very wise lou33, spot on me thinks.Have a good day, may be speak later.

katierocket Mon 08-Mar-04 11:07:38

I have this thing on a sunday night (less now that I'm self-employed).

Me and DP used to call it F.I.D. - 'Fear of impending Doom'. Just seemed to sum up that horrible feeling of having to go back to work.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 11:39:04

I like that.Will tell people I have FID syndrome!!!!

ghengis Mon 08-Mar-04 11:40:25

I felt like this first thing but made myself go for a long walk with the dog and smile at people and say "good morning". Sometimes it's too hard to do but if at all possible go out and get some fresh air and exercise.

nutcracker Mon 08-Mar-04 12:06:12

I am sooo terrible for with just the same problem The amount of Mondays dp has had to have off work because i just don't seem to be able to cope. He is off again today, won't get paid either. I have tried soo hard recently to just pull myself together, but i'm having a lapse.

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 12:12:03

Glad im not the only one then, just got off the phone from mum and she said she feels the same too. It must be something in the air!!

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:19:21

Still blue still monday , want tom go to bed .

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:25:22

It is sooooo quiet on here today. feel like Im the only one on the planet this afternoon

MadameBeetroot Mon 08-Mar-04 16:25:58

Message withdrawn

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:27:17

helloo beety

MadameBeetroot Mon 08-Mar-04 16:27:58

Message withdrawn

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 16:28:50

message withdrawn

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:29:24

Wish I had a nanny!!! Think I will get some help when I have 2nd one. I dont wish to be horrible I just wish someone could come and feed & bath dd this afternoon Im bushed!!

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:30:22

Tom - um yes um um shhhhhh. I WISH !!! actuall dh and I are sort of ok in that dept this weekend.

MadameBeetroot Mon 08-Mar-04 16:35:18

Message withdrawn

melsy Mon 08-Mar-04 16:36:02

<come back come back > she hollers. I didnt mean to scare you all away .

MadameBeetroot Mon 08-Mar-04 16:36:33

Message withdrawn

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