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anyone have a bertini pushchair?

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stellar Sun 07-Mar-04 11:09:32

I have a bertini shuttle pushchair (the leopard print one ) but the problem is I have lost the instructions for it.

I have *never* folded it down before and can't find where the folding mechanism is

can someone help please?

thanks :-)

Stella xx

kid Sun 07-Mar-04 11:34:03

Stellar - I had on, it was the 4 wheel steerable one, is that the one that you have?

If it is, if I remember rightly, there are 2 clips that you pull one on each side of the handle and also a red button that you have to push down (all at the same time!)
Let me know if it is the same type

kid Sun 07-Mar-04 11:42:26

Should also have added that the clips (you have to slide them upwards towards yourself) are under the handle and the button that you push down is on top on the right hand side of the handle. The button on my one was red.

stellar Sun 07-Mar-04 12:07:14

thanks for replying

this is a link to the pushchair I have:

bertini shuttle

I can't see any obvious buttons on my pushchair. I can see where the pushchair must fold but not where the release mechanism is for folding iywkim

Stella xx

kid Sun 07-Mar-04 12:52:37

It looks exactly like the one I had. I know on the side of the handle you can adjust the height of the handle bar. But further down (Maybe a biot under the hood) there is 2 mechanisms on the right and 1 on the left. these are how to fold the buggy. Are you still online now?

stellar Sun 07-Mar-04 16:20:30

Hi again

thank you *so much*

I would *never* have thought of looking under the hood for the mechanism. It took a couple of tries to find the 2nd mechanism on the right but my pushchair is now folded

thanks again

Stella xx

kid Sun 07-Mar-04 20:07:33

Hooray, well done.
Never mind selling an instruction manual with those buggies, they need to send some0one to show you how to do it. Bet you become an expert at folding it now though!

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