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Want a really good London hairdresser for a restyle

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chiswickmum Sat 06-Mar-04 20:25:35

I'm looking for a really good hairdresser in London - West or Central area. I would like a complete restyle and want to go to a hairdresser who would be proactive in making suggestions, taking into account my face shape etc..


dinny Sat 06-Mar-04 20:38:51

I think Sean Hanna are brilliant - there's a few of them - I go to the one in Wimbledon. Don't know if that's too far for you though.. They give you wonderful head/neck massage too. Gorgeous.

Beetroot Sat 06-Mar-04 21:07:41

Message withdrawn

princesspeahead Sat 06-Mar-04 22:33:30

chiswickmum, why don't you go to Hari's in South Ken. It is on the Brompton Road, next door to joseph and the conran shop. I've always had great cuts there. Hari used to do me, and is excellent at making suggestions etc as you say, as well as being lovely. Ben is also extremely good (there are two bens - ask for the one who used to be at John Frieda. The other Ben is chinese and I've no experience of him). The colourists are good as well.

bluesky Tue 01-Feb-05 16:33:58

Beetroot, I am now booked in with Penny! This thread inspired me, am meeting a friend up in London in March, so am going to go earlier in the day and treat myself to a good haircut.

Is she young/old/far too trendy, give me some info to relax me please!

Obviously I will have to pretend to current hairdresser/friend that I 'won' the haircut somewhere!!

bluesky Tue 01-Feb-05 16:34:49

beetroot, just realised I have resurrected the 'older' hair thread of the two, with you recommending Penny in 2004 as well as recently!

bluesky Wed 02-Feb-05 10:45:38


musicmaker Wed 02-Feb-05 17:23:37

Where do you live?

My sister can come to your home, she is Toni & Guy trained and has been working with hair for about 16 years. Everyone is always happy with her work and she is very creative.

Joolstoo Wed 02-Feb-05 17:37:39

all hairdressers are deaf!

nikkim Wed 02-Feb-05 17:57:09

Staffords in Soho - cheaper than Toni and Guy, vidal sassoon etc but better. They are brutally honest about what suits you but listen and act upon what you actually want. Another options is the M and M hair academy in ealing, there is another one in central London but i am not sure where - they are especially good at colouring. But my favourite is Staffords and you get have a tipple while you wait!

nikkim Wed 02-Feb-05 17:58:07

Great minds think alike Beetroot!

Jzee Wed 02-Feb-05 18:01:06

Where abouts is Staffords in Soho?

bluesky Wed 02-Feb-05 22:12:11

Wardour St, I looked at the website, they have one of those loos that you can sit in and the glass you can see out of, but no-one can see in, hmmmmm, not sure I could pee in those circumstances, so will make sure I go before I leave home!!!

Fran1 Wed 02-Feb-05 23:10:54

If you want something funky why don't you go to one of the training colleges?

I know Toni and Guy are always looking for guinea pigs and they would want to make a change to your hair to prove their skills in class.

They are often free or sometimes charge a fiver.

Scary but daring!

hatsoff Wed 02-Feb-05 23:20:12

this is quite odd - coz I was thinking of posting the same request. What I really want though is a hairdresser who listens. So often I come out wondering if I'd been talking Latvian. Does anyone else have this problem? I am also scared that they don't seem to understand that us lay people might inadvertently use a technical term, when we don't neccessarily mean it that way. Whay don;t they LISTEN?? Think I'll give this Penny character a go. Does she know that she gets MN recommendations?

binkie Thu 24-Feb-05 10:02:16

Beetroot/nikkim, you should be getting recommendation discounts. Am booked in for Saturday with Penny to have my upper-back-length thick-like-fleece hair cut OFF (smartly). Bit nervous ...

bundle Thu 24-Feb-05 10:37:10

I love it when people have radical haircuts (have done this a lot in the past). v exciting

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:39:24

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:41:11

Message withdrawn

bundle Thu 24-Feb-05 10:41:35

beety is that the one where the stylists "rent" the chairs?

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:41:44

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:42:16

Message withdrawn

binkie Thu 24-Feb-05 10:44:21

ah Beetroot, that is terribly important about her being manager - tell me, am I right that means it is insulting to tip her??

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:45:18

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 24-Feb-05 10:45:53

Message withdrawn

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